Suspected Pressure Tank Problem on Sprinkler Pump System

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    We found on the internet a test to see if your pressure tank on your sprinkler pump system is faulty. It said to disconnect the pump and run all the water out of the system, then wiggle the pressure tank to see if there is any sloshing. We did this and there was none. So we decided to start the pump again and get water in the system and wiggle the pressure tank again, still no sloshing. Our pump is cycling non-stop, with the pressure constantly jumping between 50psi and 35psi. With no slow decline from the max to the min as would be expected, as if the pressure tank is holding no water. Needless to say our pump is overheating and shutting down. We are unsure of how to take our pressure tank off to replace it. It is a 2 gallon Well-Trol pressure tank. We desperatly need some help, anyone out there who could walk us through it, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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  2. Gary Slusser

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    I've never heard of sloshing water telling you more than that the bladder is broken. But that's not a valid test. The bladder in the tank may be broken and that's causing the short cycling; which kills pump motors. Have you checked the air pressure in the tank with no water in it? If so what is it? If not you have to and if you get water or water vapor, the badder is broken.

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  3. zestyfrog7

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    Gary thanks for your reply. No we haven't checked the pressure in the tank because we don't know how to. There is no valve on the tank anywere to put a tire guage on to test it, we assume the only way to would be to remove the tank. If you have any idea how to do that it would be appreciated if you gave us some feedback.
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    Hi Zesty,

    Gary, she said it was a 2 gallon pressure tank. I know you missed that part.

    Zesty, if your not using this system for your house and you don't need to have water on demand, like for washing the car, dog etc. Get rid of the tank and pressure switch. You can use a timer or just a switch to turn on the system.

    If you really want to use the tank and switch to water the dog etc. you need a much bigger tank. And you need to set the pressure switch higher or add some heads to your system's zones. Or maybe increase the nozzle sizes in the heads you have.

    The right way to use a pump with sprinklers it to keep the pump motor running continuously while remaining at between 30 and 60 psi. Not cycling. If your pump is shutting down from overheat, you have already shortened it's life a bunch.

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