sump pump continuos running

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  1. apyah

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    Dec 18, 2005
    Hello, I have a shellback torpedo #35 sump pump. I had it replaced 2 years ago. I hadnt heard it run in a long time so I oiled it and ran it briefly last week now this week I have it running every 20 minutes or so for a minute. it pumps out water but I dont think it is supposed to be running this much. last time it did this the plumber said something in float was stuck and that I shouldnt hear this pump but 2 times a year maybe. it is winter here in michigan and very cold so not sure where water is comming from.any help would be appreciated
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    Sep 2, 2004
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    Hard to say...does the pump turn on and off correctly if you manually activate the float? Is the water actually rising to the point where it activates the float? or does it turn on while the water is lower (defective float switch?)? How deep is the sump? How far from the bottom of the sump does the pump sit? Do you have a check valve on the outlet (this keeps most of the water you just pumped out from falling back into the sump from the veritcal portion of the pipe)? Ground water for an area can change if there is construction or with long-term weather patterns. Plus, if there is a particularly big rainstorm or snowmelt. These actions can sometimes take awhile before they filter down and affect the water in the sump.
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  4. apyah

    apyah New Member

    Dec 18, 2005
    the sump pump location and depth has not changed. I took out the pump to see the water level and it appears to be in line with water level marks. we have had snow but it is below freezing and nothing is melting. I justy tried routing the water farther away from the house. however I do hear some of the water run back down after pump shuts off but this is just water in the pvc pipe. I am trying to find a diagram to better understand the float of this pump so I may check it. we have had serious rain seasons Iand I havent heard this pump then and all the sudden I hear it now. only one other thing I forgot to mention before is that I drained my hot water tank about a week ago for a few minutes and it empties into same drain I believe. maybe that triggered something in pump the seem to coincide as far as time frame. thank you. Allen
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