suddenly no water!!

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  1. Rue D'or

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    Lafayette, LA
    so i bought this house with a well knowing nothing about how to own or maintain a water well... but you guys have helped me service it many times before so i'm hoping you can do so again.. this one looks bad though - real bad.

    with no warning signs the wife comes over and says the water is out... when i go near the well house i can smell a burning motor.

    then she tells me she was in the house and heard a sound like fireworks (coming from the direction of the well house)... thinking that it's fourth of july weekend and we're in a developed rural area she dismisses and starts the washing machine... small trickle until nothing.

    by the time i get to it... it smells like burning parts; the breaker isn't blown; the pressure gauge is reading 43; the pump is cool and there is condensation on the pump assembly, the pvc and the tank.

    so i'm pretty sure my pump is fried... so my questions are: why is there pressure reading on the gauge, what was the firecracker sound she heard, does a pump just 'go out' or were there warning signs i should have seen, and what do i search for in a repairman?

    i had a guy out once to service the well after a hurricane (recommended by the previous owner) and he charged me $450 to replace some pvc and a valve and prime the well. so i guess another question would be how do i know i'm paying a fair price for the pump replacement?

    thanks so much for any help!!
  2. Rue D'or

    Rue D'or New Member

    Lafayette, LA
    there was a lightning storm earlier in the day... but it was calm and quiet when the water went out.
  3. Waterwelldude

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    If there is condensation on the tank, that means the water in the tank has not been the long. If the gage says over 40 psi, you have water pressure or you need a new gage.

    The popping may have been fireworks?

    Pumps do just go out sometimes.

    Look for a licensed well guy that has been in the well business for at least ten years, and has good references.
    You don't want a dentist doing heart surgery on you, do you?

    Prices can be as low as 50 or as high as a few hundred. It just depends on whats wrong with the well.

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