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    Apr 9, 2011
    Hi First post here, I read here for awhile and thought I get others thoughts on this !
    I have a older well drilled in 1969 4 1/4" well galvanized casing that was on my property when I bought it is in a pit which I built my home up to the back of the pit which is now under my front deck which is covered. The well is 208 foot deep and in limestone the last 8 foot of the well when it was drilled it delivered 20gpm with a 10' draw down per well drillers log. I have used this well the last 22 years with the usual pump problems which required them to be replaced a few times, but this time I had some trouble with that the last time the pump was out was aprox 7 years ago and when we tried to pull it was stuck.(yes it is a 4 inch flint and walling pump did not have a option that I knew of for a 3" pump) Had several pros come look but they would not touch it because of the porch roof!
    So we have tried several things and retrieved over a 100 foot of 1" poly pipe, pump wire and safety rope the pump was set at or around 130-150 foot with the fishing tools we made we got to the water and then some and I decided to get a 3" pump this time and put it down again so far things are good all is working well.
    The static water level is 80' we set the new pump to 100' with some room for more possible 10-15' more with the pump stuck below so far we have had plenty of water with a grundfos 10gpm pump.
    what is the best method of determining the draw down and recovery rate of the well?
    Any thought on fishing out the rest of the old pump would be appreciated.Thanks
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