Small pressure tank on Neighborhood well

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  1. joslin527

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    So I live in a neighborhood with a shared well (60+ homes) my house has 1/2 copper throughout and I'm looking for a way to boost the pressure, just a little.... Will adding a pre-charged or regular pressure tank (20gal) give me a pressure boost... at least enough to regulate and maybe take out air pockets.... And how easy are they to plumb in... Thanks
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    A pressure tank only stores pressure, it can't boost pressure. You will need a booster pump, then a small pressure tank with a pressure switch. However, if you have "air pockets" it will cause problems for a booster pump. Sounds like the main pump system needs some work. Need to figure out where the air is coming from and increase the pressure at the main pump system.

    See this pic for a jet pump with a small tank and CSV.

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