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    I’ve seen forum advice warning that the skirted toilets, such as the Vespin II are intolerant of close quarters (from a seat installation standpoint) and that it is necessary to install the seat before setting the toilet. I also read one review where an owner noted that the skirt for his TOTO toilet consisted of two separate pieces secured to the toilet with Velcro; is this (velcro) true for all TOTO skirted units?
    If so, at what point of the installation is the skirt installed? Could the seat be installed after the toilet is set and before the skirt is installed?

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    I am not personally familiar with the entire skirted Toto line, but is is my understanding that the Vespin does use velcro to hold the skirt. I believe the skirt would be applied after the toilet was set and tested. Can't say for sure about the seat either, but it is sometimes easier to install the seat before installation just because gaining access to the underside of a toilet can be a bit challenging. On my Drake and Dartmouth, I install the seats after installation, but perhaps there is something about the Vespin I don't know. Stay with us on this, week-ends are sometimes a bit slow in getting responses.
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    There is one rectangular porcelain piece on each side of the toilet near the back that hides the attachment point of the bowl to the Unifit adapter. These are held in with Velcro to hide the thing. You can see them in the spec sheet photo , maybe a 3-4" square.

    In the box with the toilet (don't throw them out!), there are a pair of neat seat anchors that are a rubber covered expanding plug. You insert them from the top so there's no access underneath required to tighten up the seat. You can probably buy them separately, and they should work on any toilet. Someone said they found some similar at HD in the specialty anchor drawers along with the special screws, etc. Since the seat could be used on any toilet, it includes bolts and nuts since the diameter of the hole might not allow the rubber expanding plug to work - that's why it's in the toilet box, not in the seat box., CST474CEF_G, V.05.pdf
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    The Vespin skirted toilet installs like any other seat.
    The seat attaches with a bolt and a nut; two of them.

    Toto does make some "fully" skirted bowls, like the Aquia. Those use a in the box supplies drop in anchor that attaches the seat. Those are easier to work with then the standard attachments.
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    There are a couple of strips of Velcro that hold the little panels on the skirt. They do nothing to hold the toilet to the floor, and other than for looks, you could leave them off. WHile it may not be Velcro, it most definately is a hook and loop fastener strip!
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    Here is what one looks like after having been used and removed. toto_anchor2.jpg
    After further review, it seems that this would be reusable. I initially had tugged and not gotten the piece to restore to the original appearance. A few hours after taking the picture, having been in warmer temperatures for a while, I see that this piece did restore to its original shape.
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    I started to reply to the guy who was asking, "Is it true the skirt is attached with Velcro? If not, how IS the skirt attached?" His confusion stemmed from reading on other forums. I didn't ultimately respond because I realized his post was two years old.

    Oy. Questions like his are is why people need to come here first for authoritative answers from professionals (as well as for attempts at help from non-pros like myself). :)
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