setting up a well to house water system

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    Hi great website , I need advice to set up a water system at my home out in the country in the great UP of Mich. I have my water line in the ground and have a hole dug around my well casing. Currently we have a pitcher pump and I am looking for an electric well pump that can be run by my 3500 watt generator and later by a solar/battery powered system. Someone told me I should get a pump no bigger than 1/2 hp and with a soft start function. The well is 80 feet deep, that is all I know. I imagine the system with a pump that sends the water to a pressure tank inside the house, but do not know the details of what regulating devices I will need. Could you tell me what I need, recommend a pump and pressure tank and tell me the best way to power it? I am hoping to fully modernize the house to have 2 bathrooms, and 3 or 4 different sinks, laundry and dishwashers. Is this possible? thanks jp
  2. 99k

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    I really don't consider this a DIY job and I would recommend that you would do best to hire a pump installer for the whole works ...
  3. Gary Slusser

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    Any DIYer with the desire and some basic hand tools that will follow instructions can do a pump install.

    Speedbump can tell you about soft start pumps and I'll say that you probably should plan on not running a pump for a house on solar and batteries. Start the generator for the well pump into a storage tank then one or more point of use DC water pumps. I live off grid with 600+ watts of solar panels and 6 AGM gel mat batteries in our motor home. And I've done pumps installs for 20 years. Don't forget the probable need for water treatment equipment of some kind that may require up to 7 gpm at no less than 30 psi.
  4. speedbump

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    Steer clear of the soft start pumps. Or sometimes called constant pressure pumps.

    With your generator, starting a 1/2hp submersible or jet pump shouldn't be a problem. As for solar, you will just have to size everything accordingly and either go with an inverter or find a DC pump. DC Pumps are very expensive.

    A normal bladder tank would work well with a standard pressure switch. Nothing complicated about it.

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  5. W.O.P Jeff

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    a 10gpm 1/2hp will do you fine. What's the static water level? and how fast does it recover? both things that are important.

    WR60 (20gal) tank will be fine.

    Just my opinion
  6. valveman

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    A 10 GPM pump with a tank than only holds 5 gallons of water is not big enough. 30 seconds of run time is not enough. Used with a Cycle Stop Valve, a 20 gallon tank with 5 gallons of draw down is plenty large enough.
  7. Gary Slusser

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    For off grid with solar panels and batteries, I still say use a generator for the well pump controlled by float switches for open discharge into a buried 500 gallon or larger atmospheric storage tank that can be cleaned/sanitized inside periodically and then 2-3 12 vdc RV water pumps around the house sucking water out of that tank. You would want the tank higher than those pumps if possible. A 10 gpm 1/2 hp submersible would be a good choice then.
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