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  1. Ian Gills

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    Technically, we were helping the French (who were occupied) and you were helping them and us (never occupied) help them.

    Which is funny, because the French helped you from us. But we forgive and forget. I wish you would do the same with Cuba.

    Haiti is a good start though. The inflows of aid they are getting are sure adding up which, tragedy aside, might just put the country on a better footing for those that do survive.

    $16 million and countless men. It's not even "one of ours".
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  2. Correct....and we (US) are going to have to cut and run when death count subsides.

    It's a country that cannot be fixed with the 1000's of years of corruption and squander upon its people.
  3. Redwood

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    Got a link?
  4. Scuba_Dave

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    South of Boston, MA
    It's time to stop supporting corrupt Govts IMO
    Of course it happens everywhere to a degree

  5. Not until it is 100% built.
  6. Cass

    Cass Plumber

    You will have to take that up with the Cubans that have taken refuge here because it is mostly that lobby that has pressured the US Gvmt. to do what they have been doing...Fidel is a 3rd world dictator and I can't figure out why you like him...

    I do know that birds of a feather flock together...
  7. Cass

    Cass Plumber

    It is nice to see England is helping out....

    I think where the ball gets dropped is when country's receive $$$ to help them get back on their feet, is that it never gets paid back...

    I am not talking about humanitarian help...
  8. Cass

    Cass Plumber

    I had a customer whos family in Cuba had a large thriving buisness in sugar cane...When Fidel over throw the Gvmt. Fidel then took his familys land and home and threw them into the streets...

    they were able to make it here....

    Fidel seems to be very likeable to some I guess...
  9. frenchie

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    What he said!

    Haiti wasn't a country 1000 years ago. Not even a colony. Just an island with maybe a few indians (all gone, now...) living on it.

    BTW, RE Tsunami funding - isn't the missing Tsunami money all aid given to local governments? AFAIK, the NGO's like doctors without borders, red cross & so on don't have these issues.

  10. Did you read the above frenchie, or did your snopes account lead you to not caring about the bold statement above...

    and now you have the gall to dismiss the "missing money" as someone else doesn't do those sort of things.

    Once again, you always ride the wrong side of normal thinking just to get a point across. Predictable though from the times I've seen.

    So ignore the situation when the time comes that the help has to leave, ignore that for a fact that country is riddled with corruption.

    You rarely offer much to the discussion of reasonable thinking.
  11. frenchie

    frenchie Jack of all trades

    The bold statement isn't news. What am I supposed to say? Like you’re telling me the sky is blue. Not ignoring it… but what am I supposed to say?

    We will slowly pull out as it stops being news, and forget all about the people in Haiti until the next time they have a revolution or an earthquake or a hurricane... Yeah, and?

    Same with the plain fact that the country is riddled with corruption… yeah, and?

    I'm not dismissing the missing money. Money that the State Department or the Defense Department or some other branch of the federal government, hands out to the local "government" of 3rd world hellholes… tends to disappear. Same with UN money. I'm supposed to say... what? Yes, the sky is blue, Dunbar. What’s your point?

    But you were saying, we shouldn't donate.

    Private donations are SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. Grab a clue. You’re not talking government, you’re talking Red Cross and Partners in Health and a whole bunch of churches, working directly with the people who need help.

    So I’m asking you: was it the charities & relief organizations, that lost track of money to local crooks? Or only government money? I don’t have a choise about paying taxes, but I do have a choice about which NGO’s I give money to.

    If you don't know the answer, just say so, instead of trying to jump down my throat.

    Don’t worry, it’s not like I’m expecting a whole lot from a guy who says a 200-year old country has been corrupt for thousands of years… tell me, do you even have a clue what the 'NG' part of 'NGO' stands for?

    Reasonable thinking starts from actual facts, not “whatever reasonable sounding BSDunbar feels like inventing todayâ€.
  12. You're wasting everyone's time including mine with your long drawn out explanation. You have a credibility issue from the election in 08' you can knock me for not knowing the actual number of years Haiti has been in existence, but the real issue here is you are backpeddling at this point.

    No regulation on how this money is spent is why I'm mentioning the reason.....because after every tragedy, MILLIONS go into the wrong hands.
  13. frenchie

    frenchie Jack of all trades

    Huh? Explain.

    Or are you talking about the birther conspiracy stuff? If so... you might want to have a look at how many of the people pushing that, are the same fine folks who claimed 9/11 was an inside job by Bush & Cheney. Seriously - nothing right/left about those folks, more like sane/crazy.

    I knocked for for not having even a vague clue - and talking as if you did.

    If you'd only been off by a few hundred years, I wounldn't have said anything. But come on. It's in the Carribean. You do know who Chris Columbus was, right?

    How's that? Not my fault if you didn't understand the first time, and I had to spell it out for you in more detail.

    Let me sum it up for you: You're telling people not to make PRIVATE DONATIONS, because of the way their TAXES get spent.

    I wonder how we find out about it, anyways? Since there's no enforcement, classic fox watching the henhouse...

    Whaddya know... another one of them NGO's! Here's who broke the story on the Tsunami funds:

    Hey, maybe you want to give THEM some money? Even you have to admit they do good work, right? Think how much more money would go missing if they weren't keeping an eye on things.
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