Sandpoint/Shallow Well For Irrigation

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  1. duckman1958

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    Looking to drive a sand point to use with a couple of sprinklers up at our hunting property; these will be used to irrigate small food plots.

    I am not sure which route to go in terms of the pump here…we do NOT have power in the area, and use a smaller generator (Honda 2000i) for our power needs. Does it make sense to go with a small electric shallow well pump to run off of the generator or go with a pump which has a small self-contained motor (used in many cases to pump water from a creek or lake)?

    Also, in this scenario will I need a pressure tank as well? This setup will not require more than 15 feet (at most) of draw from my sandpoint as water is readily available.
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  2. duckman1958

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    Come on...ANYBODY? :rolleyes:
  3. speedbump

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    With no power you can go either way. Generator or gas pump. Lifting 15 feet with the gas pump might be a problem.

    I'm not sure if a 2000 watt generator will start a 1/2hp motor for sure, it will be close.

    Then there is the bucket method.:confused:

  4. Wet_Boots

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    Hey, you could always try a wind-driven pump rig.
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