Rough in height for bathroom sink?

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  1. don metzinger

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    I was looking on this site for basic rough in dimensions. At what height should the drain for a bathroom sink be? I have a friend who is experiencing problems with a set of bath sink drains that is connected up with the most crazy arrangement of flex lines and cut and glued piping I have ever seen. I think that all of this possibly starts with the drain coming out of the wall a bit high into the bath cabinet. My own drains come into the cabinet at about 13". Thanks for any info. don
  2. Mikey

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    We installed an extra-high vanity, and I thought it'd be smart to raise the rough-in height accordingly. I don't remember the basic height, but I added the 7" or whatever the difference was.

    Big mistake. I just got around to installing a temporary countertop and the basins Sunday, and there was a short period of panic trying to figure out how to make water run uphill (we also chose extra-deep basins). Eventually turned out very nice and we don't have a lot of pipe cluttering up the under-sink storage, but this experience has taught me that lower is better. They make tailpiece extenders, but not tailpiece shrinkers :D .
  3. ToolsRMe

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    I purchased one of those fancy glass attached-to-the-wall-and-no-feet sinks.

    Make damn sure that you get the distances from the rough-in water supply to the drain EXACTLY right or you may be removing tile and drywall ... as I did.
  4. jadnashua

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    SHort answer...pick your vanity and sink FIRST, then think about where the rough-ins need to go. From most vendors, you can download their installation drawings which show where the supplies should go so you don't have to buy it right away. Some people like lower vanities, some higher, even if the sink is attached to the wall, unless you need to comply with ADA requirements, put it where you want it for height. The manufacturer will usually tell you where THEY think it should be for "general" use, but if this is only to be used by adults, and they are both tall, you may very well want it higher than "normal".
  5. don metzinger

    don metzinger New Member

    Everything is already in place but when the sink started leaking I was asked to look at it and found the craziest plumbing arrangement I have seen. As I looked at the piping and makeshift arrangements I it appeared to me to be the result of the wall bend being too high. I will be back there tomorrow and can actually measure but was curious if there was a standard rough in height. I don't know if pictures can be posted on this forum but I have to take a picture or two tomorrow. Jim I have seen your postings on the John Bridge forum, I do home repair work and find these forums to be really great for info and help. Thanks - don
  6. Winslow

    Winslow Plumber

    I usually rough-in the lav drain at 20" off the subfloor, usually works fine. unless they use granite floors with a mud base i don't have to use an extension tailpiece and height isn't a problem. With a standard height lav (31" AFF) and a standard sink (71/4") you can make it with a drain as high as 22" AFF.
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