Right tool to remove circa 1951 tub drain escutcheon (1 5/8" ID) w/o cross bar?

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  1. tbbarch

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    I purchased a BrassCraft (T170) Tub Drain Remover.
    The large end does not fit the drain opening.
    The small end that fits is 1 3/8" inch at its widest point.

    The nubs inside the drain only project 1/8" +. With a 1 5/8" ID that leaves about 1/32" of bearing on each side.
    I'm concerned that the poor overlap will shear off one of the nubs and then I will be in the position of having to cut this drain out.

    Should I be concerned?
    Is there a tool with a better fit?

    I see Terry put a picture up in another post for something that no longer Linkes.
    I did some tracking and came up with this:


    Is that my next best (only) option?
  2. tbbarch

    tbbarch Member

    tub drain removal tool

    Ouch ... I now see in the specifications for the Drain Key Tub Drain Removal Tool that it only goes up to 1 1/2".
    In looking for others it appears like 1 1/2" is a standard maximum diameter.
    I double checked the ID of my drain and it is, at a minimum, 1 9/16" (+).
    The tool would not come to bear on the sides. (?)

    What am I missing?
    Is there something in nominal and actual dimensions for drains I need to know?

    Am I about to get an exercise in making a tool from a mechanic's socket that will catch the small nubs inside the escutcheon?
  3. plumberjeff

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    Seattle WA
    Why are you removing the strainer?
  4. hj

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    Cave Creek, Arizona
    Find a piece of flat stock the size of your drain's i.d. It will grab the "nubs" and unscrew the drain fitting. The tool you show is for use when there is no cross piece or "nubs".
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