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    I'm at my brother-in-laws, and they have an old fuse panel with 60A service (the panel says 1933 and sorely needs to be brought into the modern world). Somewhere down the line, I'll probably help rewire the house. It's a small house with an electric dryer and stove, no central air, and gas for the WH and furnace. We'll pay someone to upgrade the main feed and meter, but I'm wondering what level of service is likely to be required or recommended? Would a 100A service be sufficient in this situation? Or, maybe 150A?

    I told him to check with the local inspector, but looking for some thoughts in advance. Probably won't get done until maybe spring.
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    I would upgrade to a new 200 AMP panel and get the tallest one in that you can fit. This panel upgrade should be done first and if possible the new panel can be placed as close to the existing one. We have used old panels as large splice boxes before in the past.

    You will need city permission and permits to set this up and often there is a long wait time to get the power company down to cut the main power.

    Check if your even allowed to help your brother in law and insure he gets the proper permits as a home owner.

    Simple drawings will need to be made to pull your permits so I would start with those.

    Good Luck.

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    With no a/c or electric heat, 200 may be overkill. It would certainly be prudent to allow for future install of central a/c. I would find out from the eletrician and the city what the difference in permit and install cost is for a 120 vs 150 vs 200.
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    The 100 amp is probably enough but it doesnt cost a lot more to go 200 , and have plenty if you decide to go total electric later on . The 150 is not popular at all and that makes the panel box actually cost more than the 200 in most cases . On a new service that way you will also have to install an outside disconnect switch unless the meter is between the same 2 wall studs as the panel or directly back to back on a masonry wall . If a home owner pulls his own permit he can not hire any one to help , The person that helps would have to have an electrical license . people get around this by saying they are helping for free, but it is best not to even mention someone is helping.
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    See 220.82 of the NEC to know how to calculatate the service
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    The examples in the back of the NEC are a big help also
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    Unless its a 2 bedroom house go with a 200 amp 30 space load center. The cost difference in materials just isn't big enough to justify downsizing.

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