Replaced Submersible Pump

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    Jul 20, 2009
    15 year old 1hp 10GPM Red Jacket, CSV1Z (installed 4 years ago) system:

    80' water level, 220' pump level and 300' 4" well. We use about 125k gallons/year and irrigate about 4 months/year.

    No water yesterday but pressure switch, bladder, start and run capacitors and relay all checked fine.

    Local well/pump company came out and noted high amperage draw (~30amps), checked at box, then box to well cap, then well cap to pump.

    15 year old Red Jacket pump was drawing high amp... so replaced pump with Franklin Electric JS series.

    Original RJ pump looked extremely clean, no corrosion, very little hard/calcified sediment observed.

    Wire looked good so did not replace. All PVC female couplings replaced with cast.

    Took about 45 minutes to pull the pump and 1.5 hours to replace PVC couplings and install new pump.

    The pump installers asked if I knew about the CSV1Z, "yes, I installed myself". They agreed with me that pumps were meant to be run and start/stop cycles were the big pump killer but their position was there should be nothing between pump and pressure switch and that the CSV could reduce pump cooling.

    Installers also said they're seeing more and more CSVs in the area (Colorado), had installed many at the commercial level but would rather sell VFDs for residential usage.

    Long short my well pump failed after 15 years which seems about average. Not cheap.
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