removing iron deposits from piping

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    hello Everyone,
    I'm new to this so.......
    recently purchased new water softener system with h2o2 injection and reverse osmosis for particularly HARD well (56 grains of hardness)The water now tastes fantastic anf no longer smells of hydrogen sulphide.
    I went through my house and removed all screens and aerators from fixtures and what little I could see down the pipe it was pretty funky!!! brownish-slime in pipe wall much like one would see in a toilet tank with iron rich water.
    My question is this; since I am treating the water now I believe that over time this "slime" will dissipate.I am wondering if there might be a more proactive approach to cleaning the pipes without harming the system.

    Any and all comments will be greatly appreciated.

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    I would bypass any filter and allow the hydrogen peroxide to clean the pipes. I do this after installing a chlorine injection system. It works very well. Once you know the h2o2 has come through every faucet, hot and cold, put all filters back is service and runn the water until all the h2o2 is flushed out.
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    Don't forget the water heater. If the pipes are gunky, there's probably a foot of gunk in the bottom of the WH. Mine wouldn't even drain, so I replaced it and cut it open to see what it looked like. Gross.

    Also, you can circulate chlorine, or in extreme cases, I've heard of people circulating CLR through the pipes.
  4. ditttohead

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    Chlorine tends to solidify the iron but will kill the bacteria. A bleaching and very thorough rinse should help. The softened water should clean the pipes over time but a simple vinegar recirculation cleaning, same as you would do for a tankless water heater should do wonders.
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    If there is a drain cock in the line and you have a decent air compressor, you could inject air into the water stream and that should move some of it along without resorting to chemicals. Make sure to bypass the softener, remove aerators, and put a rag over the spouts to keep water from splashing everywhere.
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