Question about sticky "Submersible Pumps and multiple check valves?"

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    This is a quote from valveman post:

    ""Other states like Michigan are smart enough to completely outlaw any additional check valve above ground. If I lived in Nebraska, I would wait for the inspector to leave, then I would remove the check valve at the pressure tank. I don't care if it is state law, I would not want to take the chance of the check valve causing contamination and water hammer to MY water system.""

    Just curious is a well with a "Air Charching system" in Michigan outlawed ?

    I would love to take out my second check valve at the tank but I dont think my system would allow it?

    Any ideas?

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  2. valveman

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    You must have a second check valve for an air charge system to work. I don’t know how they handle that in Michigan. But I guess you could put the check with the Schrader in the well, a few feet above the bleeder.
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