Purpose of pressure tank

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    I have a shallow well I use for irrigation. The yield is only fair, about 4 or 5 gpm but its enough to water the lawn.

    The tank I have has developed a leak at the connection to the pipe and needs to be replaced. My question has to do with what the main purpose of the tank is and what bearing this would have on the size I choose.

    The current tank is about 5 gallons but I found that the 1st tank I had (several years ago) was very small, maybe a gallon. The tanks I'm looking at at Lowe's or Home Depot are about 15 gallons. I know the larger the tank the less the pump has to cycle, but does it help with pressure or flow?

    Thanks! :)
  2. valveman

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    The pressure tank does not help with pressure or flow. That is determined by the pump.
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