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    Mar 31, 2008
    highland, md
    Pump Model # Goulds Pump 7GS05412 / Franklin Motor 2145059004
    Three wire - 12 awg.
    Wire Length: ~65’ in the water well itself.
    Size of Pump: 1/2 HP, 5.0 Amp
    Date Pump Installed: unknown – I’ve owned the house for 7 yrs
    Depth of well: unknown – pump is 65’ down
    Depth to water: 15’ below ground
    Pump Setting: don’t know what this means.
    Drop Pipe: 1” Poly
    House pipe: 1" PVC
    Well Recovery Rate___unkown____gpm
    Well Casing Diameter__unknown_____”
    Rock Well__unknown________ Sand Well__________ Other______________
    Date Well Drilled: unknown – likely 50+ years
    Well Casing Material - unknown
    Pressure Tank - 86 gallon, pre-charged, 40/60.

    All - I'm replacing the well pump described above. I purchased a slightly larger pump (Ace model 45657, 3/4HP, 10GPM) since I just upgraded from a 20-gallon tank to an 86-gallon tank. However, I mistakenly purchased a 2-wire replacement pump, not realizing my old pump was 3-wire. There is a control box located between the pressure switch and the pump - Franklin model model #2801054915. The control box is rated for 1/2 HP.

    Question 1 - Am I ok using the existing 1" poly drop pipe with the 3/4HP pump, or do I need to install a wider (1.25") drop pipe?

    Question 2 - can I use the pump I purchased by wiring directly from the pressure switch (in other words, bypass the control box)? Is there an advantage/disadvantage to this configuration?

    Question 3 - If the answer to question 2 is NO, then I'm assuming I'll have to return the motor and (a) purchase a 3-wire model; and (b) purchase a 3/4HP-rated control box - yes?

    Question 4 - I have a check valve installed on the well side of the tank, approx. 25' from the well head. Is this sufficient, or do I need a check valve installed on the drop pipe?

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  2. craigpump

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    Apr 12, 2012
    Self employed water system tech
    An Ace pump?

    You do not need 1.25" pipe, 1" is more than adequate. Wire the pump directly to the pressure switch, do not use the control box. I would install an additional check valve on top of the pump, be sure it is of the same material that the male X insert is made of. Brass insert, brass check valve. Be sure to chlorinate the well when you are done.
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  4. mystreba

    mystreba New Member

    Mar 31, 2008
    highland, md
    Thanks for the info - very helpful! Yes, purchased at ACE hardware. Not sure who manufactures it.

    By "male insert X" I assume you mean the final down-pipe bushing that goes into the pump flange? The pump flange is plastic, and the down-pipe bushing is plastic (PVC). Do they make plastic check valves?

    Also, the pump appears to have some sort of check valve built into the top of it, at the top just inside the flange that accepts the drop pipe-bushing. I suppose it can't hurt to have another check valve though.
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