Proper way to test rough in with Tubs?

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  1. GShelton

    GShelton New Member

    Central Florida
    OK, I have searched and read and searched and read...

    I am getting ready for the second rough-in inspection. I have all the DWV pipe installed in the house (minus the trap for the main bath tub which will be in tomorrow.)

    At this time, I have not connected the master tub to the trap (and will be in the same situation with the main tub) as I am unsure how to go about plugging off the pipes for the test (our area requires the water fill test.)

    If I was to use a Fernco cap to just cap off the trap, how do I test the bathtub for leaks? (Or is this not a requirement of the inspection?)

    I apologize if this is a dumb question, but I really tried to find the answer and talking to the building department makes me want to claw my own eyes out. (They will likely just make up an answer anyway.)

    As always, I thank you in advance!
  2. chassis

    chassis Engineer

    SE Pennsylvania
    I was given the advice on this site to fill the tub by closing the normal tub drain. Let it sit overnight. Then let the water out of the tub, watching the trap and drain line for leaks.
  3. GShelton

    GShelton New Member

    Central Florida
    Gotcha on that part. The problem I am having is that I need to pressure test the entire DWV pipe system. If I actually hook up the tub, I do not know how to go about plugging the piping in the tub drain (mainly the overflow.)

    Does this make sense?
  4. hj

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    Cave Creek, Arizona

    Building departments are not in the business of giving advice. It is a comprehension and liability issue. It is also why their approved plans says that their approval does not give you license to do anything improper or illegal, even if it is shown that way on the plan. Depending on the drain type, many manufacturers produce plugs to seal the drain and overflow openings so you can test the piping.
  5. GShelton

    GShelton New Member

    Central Florida
    Sorry, I should have clarified what I meant. (I knew in my head what I was thinking. LOL!) I just meant as far as asking the county IF the tub had to be hooked up during the 2nd rough in.

    I can not/did not find anything to plug it from the manufacturer. They do make a plug, but it is for a different model.

    I ended up plugging the drain on the main tub (cast iron and fun to install by myself) with a 1 1/2 inch expansion plug (the one with the wing nut.) The over flow I capped off by making a plate to screw on and used a piece of mouse pad as a gasket.

    The master tub I have no idea how to cap off. The drain I installed is one of those cable driven ones so it has mechanics in the center of the hole. No way to get a plug in the drain as it is too shallow. The bolt head bottoms out before the rubber ring makes it into the opening.

    I decided to plumb up to the san tee at the master tub and just installed a Ferco cap. If they come for the inspection and need the tub hooked up, I will just have to have a re-inspect.

    Now I am just waiting for my Kerdi drains to arrive and the entire DWV system is done.

    Thanks for the input. :)
  6. seaneys

    seaneys New Member

    Chicago Suburbs
    I love the mousepad gasket idea. I'm going to try the same trick with and offset toilet flange I am having problems plugging.

  7. jdf405

    jdf405 Electrical Engineer

    Los Angeles Area
    As a novice DIY plumber I recently had this question as well. I called my building inspector and asked what they needed to see in terms of tub drain for the rough in inspection. In my area (Redondo Beach, CA - next to LA) I only had to have the drain line routed to the approximate location of the tub for the fill test.

    I then bought re-usable plugs at HD or Lowes (Oatey makes some) that you stick in the ABS and tighten.

    After the rough in inspection I installed my tub and glued on the p-trap and connected to the tub. All is good & the inspector is happy (for a change...)

    Good luck!

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