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    Hello to all. I own a cottage in conneticut that resides on a lake. I am having a problem holding a prime on the flotec 3/4 hp jet pump i just bought that is attempting to pull water from the lake. my cottage sits on a incline above the lake about 70 feet away uphill underneath cottage. it uses the same setup as previously used by my uncle 20 plus years ago, I have added with a check valve on the end of 1 inch water line in the lake side,line from pump to lake is 100 feet long. Im wanting to know if the pump is not strong enough or if there is to much water line for it to pump water up to cottage. The previous owner of cottage used a sears jet pump that was 1/2 hp. so I'm assuming its strong enough. i have tried to fill the line with water, and reconnect to pump and start pump to help prime,not sure if priming right.but it just keeps taking water in . Help anyone thank you ...:confused::confused:
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    You need a priming tee with a plug or ball valve on the discharge of the pump. Then you can prime, close the ball valve, and start the pump. It is hard to prime a line then reattach it before you lose prime again.

    100' of line is not a problem as long as the rise in elevation is less than 24'.
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