Pressure tank relocation?

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  1. brianl999

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    Hello all

    We live in a small bungalow with a low dirt-floor crawlspace. The furnace, hot water tank, pump and pressure tank are all crammed into a small room in the centre of the house. The hot water tank is on a platform and the pressure tank is underneath. The tank is currently electric, but we have had gas installed and we are looking to switch over to gas hot water. We will need to re-locate the pressure tank as there isn't enough clearance for the gas water heater as it is currently setup. We also have iron in our water, and in the future we will be looking to install an iron filter. As it is currently setup, there really isn't enough room for an iron filter in this small room.

    So the (potential) plan is to replace the current jet pump with a submersible. We would like to do this to free up some space as well as get the pump out of the centre of the house for noise reasons. I am wondering if we could also relocate the pressure tank outside in the well casing. I saw at least one comment here about buried pressure tanks being less than ideal (not sure if this qualifies as buried).

    We are in (south) central Ontario.

    Can anyone comment on this plan?


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    Here is my answer to your space problem that is going to sound like an advertisement but, if you use a Cycle Stop Valve a 4.5 gallon pressure tank is all you need. It can go just about anywhere. That would leave the old space for the pressure tank to use for the filter. See the picture to the left.
  3. LLigetfa

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    What size is the casing?
  4. brianl999

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    I may have used the wrong term when I said casing - should I have said well tile?

    A little more about the well.

    We bought the house last August. We had a local company come out to look at the well when we had the inspection done. They told us it was originally a dug well that had been drilled. The top of the well tile is concrete, about 3 feet across and flush with the ground. When we intially pulled the lid off the well was full of water. They pumped it out for awhile and you could see a metal pipe about 6" across.

    They did say that the well was not up to code, and that it needed to be at least 16" above the ground. I took this to mean that the concrete well tile would extend above the ground. After speaking with my neighbour, he thinks they meant extending the iron pipe above ground, and filling in the rest, as his is. So I'm thinking my idea is shot.

    I will definitely be looking at a CSV valve and a smaller tank, that, along with a new furnace (replacing oil with gas), should give me the room I need.

    Thanks for the help, look forward to all my questions about water treatment once I get the test results back!

    Thanks again,

  5. craigpump

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    You should definitely have the casing extended above grade.

    1) A pit with standing water like you describe is a health hazard looking for a place to happen

    2) Ease of service

    3) When you go to sell the place it will appear that you have done your best to keep the home up to date. Appearances count for a lot!
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