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    Hi everyone,
    I just got a call from a friend who just moved into her new house yesterday and she doesn't have any water today. After she described to me what kind of pressure switch she has, it seems that her particular switch doesn't have a manual start lever like mine. Is there a way to switch on her pump manually? The switch is a Square D FTG10 Class 9013.
  2. She can always take the pressure switch cover off and trip the spring-loaded contact. Just tell her that the wires are HOT that will be exposed on the other end of the pressure switch, so that she won't touch those.
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    I think that it is a really bad idea to have someone who doesn't know what they are doing to be trying to manually close the contacts, as as mentioned, these wires are hot (and 220). In addition, if the contacts are not closing on their own, there is most likely some other problem causing this. Well systems can be complicated. A person unfamiliar with how things work together is not likely to be able to diagnose and/or repair the problem. Diagnosis can be tougher than the repair. No water can be caused by so many things.
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    Gotta Agree with Deb

    The ability to get around controls doesn't mean that you should. And that control doesn't have one as yours does for a reason. If you have three phase electric and two wires are in the same phase, it won't work. You have major saftey issues here. And if she's calling you it means she might not have a clue to what's being dealt with. And as a friend you probably don't want to see her hair any curlier than it is (by this manner) or worse.
    As it has been said, the trouble shooting can take more than the repair. And if there has been other work done there receintly prior to her moving in and this is the first time she turned the water on, you may need an electrician as well as a plumber too.
    Remember she won't have your instincts or experience, much less a VOM from Radio Shack.
  5. She needs an electrician.
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