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    Hi all,
    First off this is a great forum, and there is quite a bit of valuable information here. So here is my query... so please help if you can. I recently bought a house that is on a well and the pressure tank is under the house in the crawlspace. Not sure how old it is but I know it needs to be replaced, since I had a plumber under there and he indicated that it was waterlogged.

    I am wondering what brand to replace this with.. I have read well x trol and flexcon are some of the best but that they also manufacture big box store pressure tanks... Will this impact the quality of their other lines?

    Has anybody had any experience with the ao smith pump pro pressure tanks? They look fairly well built... and a dealer I talked to over the phone stated he prefers the ao smith over the well x trol (they sell both).

    Lastly, it doesn't look to difficult to replace... is this a fairly simple swap or is it recommended to pay pro to do this..

    Any and all information is greatly appreciated.. and Thanks in advance..

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    If it is made my Amtrol who makes Well-X-Trol, the quality is as good as you can get. I don’t care for the AO Smith. Limiting the number of times the pump cycles on and off is the key to making the tank and everything else last longer. As a new well owner, you need to study up on what causes cycling. Just do a search here for "pump cycling" and you will have plenty to choose from.
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