Possible Design Defect in Toto Drake Toilets: Consider Before Purchasing

Discussion in 'Toilet Forum discussions' started by Nebulus, Jan 9, 2014.

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    Possible Design Flaw in Toto Drake Toilets: Consider Before Purchasing

    After reading online reviews of toilets (including ones on this forum), I purchased two Toto Drake ADA toilets for a remodel of two bathrooms. After moving into the remodeled house, I have discovered a nasty problem with both toilets that does not appear to be solvable. I probably will be swapping both toilets out for different models, at a big financial loss.

    First, I must say there is a lot to like about these toilets. The flushing action works really well. After being around them for a while, toilets in other houses seem to flush very slowly now.

    The problem occurs when my wife uses the toilet. Urine entering the bowl splashes back onto the underneath of the toilet seat (and sometimes on her). This occurs right at the front of the seat. It is on the underneath part of the seat that overlaps the bowl. It is not a few drops. It is an amount that is large enough that you can smell it if it is not immediately cleaned from the seat. The problem occurs on both toilets.

    I contacted Toto support about this problem. As I had installed Bemis (Mayfair) seats, they suggested the seat may be the problem. They sent a complimentary Toto seat at no cost, which I appreciate. However, the result is the same with the Toto seat. May I also say as a side note, the Mayfair seat is a much better seat than the Toto one.

    I am currently working with Toto as well as the dealer to resolve this problem. However, I am worried that I will be stuck with two toilets that need to have the seat cleaned each time they are used. Since I paid a premium for these, I obviously do not expect to have to do this. It is very inconvenient. I was assured by Toto that the Drake design has been around for a long time, and that they just don't receive complaints like this. I suspect that most people will not have this problem. However, some people do. My wife has never had a problem like this with any other toilet, and I can assure you that she is perfectly capable of using a toilet correctly. I have found a few other internet posts reporting the same problem. I feel compelled to report this problem, so others can consider this fact before buying a Toto Drake toilet.
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    I think much of this is a matter of an individual's body shape and size. A few weeks ago we discussed a problem where some man's genitals fell below the waterline when he sat on certain toilets. I really don't think there are many things in life where the term "one size fits all" truly applies.
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    What can I tell you? We have two of them. We have females in the house. We don't have this problem.

    I think your headline is a little...I don't know, like you're trying to blackmail Toto into something by publicly "raising questions" about their toilet regarding a problem I have never, ever experienced or heard of before. You want people to "consider it". Consider what? That this might happen to them when it doesn't seem to have happened to virtually anybody? They should also consider that they might get flushed down the toilet. If they are really, really small, that might happen.

    The fact that you are "working with" Toto and the dealer to "resolve" the problem while you post this post asking people to "consider" the "possible design defect" just smacks of self-interest and a desire to motivate Toto to take the Drakes back so you can buy something that's shaped differently.

    There's no design defect. There's a design. It works. It does a fine job of containing urine emitted by virtually anyone. Apparently an infinitesimal percentage of people have this issue with it. As Cacher Chick says, not all designs work for all people.

    And I think it's pretty amazing that even though you bought your own cheaper seat they sent you one of theirs for free.

    And if you like a hard wooden seat, the Mayfair is your seat. If you want a solid plastic seat, the Toto SS114 is a truly excellent seat. We have both.
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    cacher_chick, I agree that "one size does not fit all" applies to this case.

    Regarding wjcandee's post:

    1. It is good to that you do not experience this problem with 2 females in your house. Unfortunately, we are experiencing problems.

    2. This post is not to motivate Toto to take action. I will work directly with Toto to resolve my issues. The purpose of my post is to inform people browsing this site (as I did before buying the Toto toilets), that there are people that do not have 100% satisfaction with Toto Drake toilets. I am just trying to inform people of the possible issues (however likely or unlikely) that may be experienced. I will be the first to admit that I do not think this is happening to many. That does not mean that it is not happening at all.

    3. I agree that the design does a good job of flushing contents. However, in my opinion, the design of the bowl results in the splash back for some people. I do not know how many, only that we are affected. I have found a few posts on the internet from others with similar problems (not all Drakes, but Toto models). The absence of a large amount of negative reviews would make me believe that it is a small number that are affected.

    4. They sent me a seat at no charge, which I appreciate. At first, they suggested buying a Toto seat. However, I expressed my concern that I may still have problems with a Toto seat (which we indeed do). I would then be out more money for the seat. They then offered to send me one for free. Once again, I am happy with that, I just wish it would have solved the problem. I would have gladly bought another Toto seat if it solved the problem.

    I will admit that my judgement on the Mayfair seat versus the Toto seat is purely my opinion. I have performed no quantitative analysis on the two seats. I just know which one I prefer. As you describe the Mayfair seat as "cheaper", and "hard wooden", I suspect you have your own opinion too, which is fine.

    5. I can understand how some may take the word "Defect" the wrong way. Therefore, I replaced the word "Defect" in my original post to "Flaw". I hope that conveys the thought better.
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