Plumbers of the world, take a bow!

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    The link is for an article in the NY Times on the web, which describes how inadequate access to toilets and clean water accounts for 1/2 of the population of many developing countries being sick at any given time with parasites, cholera, etc. Talks about how in some parts of India there is one toilet for 1440 people.

    Sobering, and reiterates what several have said on this site - plumbers and plumbing really has a huge part of creating a safe and healthy society - more than most people could ever know.
  2. plumbing today

    120 years ago people took a bath about once a week
    if they were lucky in NYC.

    actually installing running water and bathrooms inside the
    house back in 1880 was like
    the hi-tech computor internet explosion of today.....

    everybody wanted indoor plumbing once it became cheap
    enough and availabe to the masses .

    before then it was the Satruday night sponge bath.......

    boy.......that had to be rough
  3. hj

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    Especially if you were the last one in line to use the bath water in the tub.
  4. Not to thread hijack but sometimes you can have toilets for all to use.....and then somebody gets a phobia and won't use them.

    :confused: :p

    Paruresis ('shy bladder' syndrome) - the fear of urinating in the company of others
    Parcopresis ('bashful bowel' syndrome) - the inability to defecate in public toilets
  5. in days of old

    In days of old .........

    when Knights were bold,..........

    and toilets were not invented........

    you dropped your load ....

    beside the road.......

    and walked away contented...........


    I cant believe how paraniod people have
    become, they cant even take care of bodily functions
    without worrying over what others think.....

    that has to be in France...LOL
  6. Mike50

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  7. Cookie

    Cookie .

    Oh, no Mark. That is the USA. We are the society that owns, what others think. France is much more carefree, and lives more so outside the box.
  8. cookie you are probably right

    that article was from briton

    and you are probably right
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