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    With recent home purchase we inherited a LifeSource whole house water treatment system with sediment prefilter. Online reviews are widely spaced from wow to ugh. First order of business is the prefilter leaks, not from the canister seal, but from the bypass mechanism above it (pic). Called LifeSource and their solution is to come out and look at it for about $120. Ugh. No markings on the prefilter as to manufacturer. I'm hoping LifeSource sourced this prefilter from another vendor. They wouldn't tell me. The canister takes a 20" long filter. Canister diameter is about 3.5". Can anyone ID this prefilter?

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    Trying to replace that upper part is going to be a pain, the housing looks like the omni filter with built in bypass.
    Bypass goes bad one is DOA.....
    Personally I would say cut that one out put in ball valves before and after and use some thing like Pentek 150560 3/4 #20

    Most likely you will still be able too use the same filters in the Pentek housing.
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    Riverside CA, it is unlikely that you even need a pre-filter. Most of Riversides water is fairly clean with virtually no sediment, I would recommend removing the pre-filter. What do the cartridges look like when you remove them?

    The backwashing carbon tank you have can handle sediment quite well. I personally would replace the unit with a real softener.

    Hope this helps

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