one billion humans do not have access to potable water

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    Hi, I found some article on How peoples are suffering for water in Sudan and Africa Regions, I don`t know why peoples are not concerning of the water importance there are a lot of societies like UNHCO, they are working well on this issue but i am Strange why WHO Is not taking interest in the vast Global problem, Its very strange...
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    I do not understand why you think they are not, and you should take note that when you use a translator like Babel, your wording can sound off. Just another note, I don't know what you are going to sell, but, I have friends that are missionaries and are there at the moment and have been for the past year.
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    When you don't have a well, why do you have 12 or 14 children? Sounds like the world has a few billion too many people, not a water shortage.

    Africa had a stable population until the Berkely and Oxford graduates got in there and started feeding them like chickens in a coop.

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