Not drawing any water?

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  1. SigGambler

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    Metro Detroit
    Hi all!

    I'm new here and need some help. My well pump was going bad (sounded like a Buick being shoved through a wood chipper when it would kick on) so I bought a new and installed it. But when I installed the new pump it wouldn't draw from the well. It is fully primed but it won't build any pressure beyond 6lbs. It is a deep well and I replaced my old Flint and Walling with a Myer HJ 75. When I showed the picture to the guys at the plumbing supply some of them said they weren't use to that set up so they didn't have much in the way of help. Anyhow I have a check valve that is at the end of the well pipe comming in the house and I think that in hooking up the new pump the valve went kaput? I've attached a picture of the set up. I unhooked the pipe that comes out from the pump to see how much water it was drawing and.....nada! I also think that maybe it could be the pressure valve on the pump or the well point? What do you guys think? What should try?

    Is it a bad valve?
    Is it a bad new pump? (how can I test to see if it's a bad pump?)
    Did the well suck air back down to China?

    I did a search on the forum but I'm not real savy on the terminology, so I couldn't find anything that was previously written, so if I am being anoying I apologize, I'm just in a tight spot with a woman and two little kids who want there water back.

    Thank you in adavance,

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  2. Gary Slusser

    Gary Slusser That's all folks!

    The top water line going to the pump, it is not on the insert fitting far enough and probably is allowing the line to suck air.

    On the far end of both lines the galvanized fittings are probably all rusted up inside. The steel line is a pipe inside a pipe and the jet may be in that cast piece. The jet could be full of rust etc.. usually the jet has to be the right one for the brand/model of pump, and you changed brands and possibly hp and gpm.
  3. nhmaster

    nhmaster Master Plumber

    S. Maine
    My vote is for the jet being full of crap.
  4. SigGambler

    SigGambler New Member

    Metro Detroit
    Thank you all for your help, very much apreciated!

    The top of the well is out in the yard, about 10 ft on the other side of the foundation.
  5. Gary Slusser

    Gary Slusser That's all folks!

    If it were me, I'd run a water hose from a outside faucet at a neighbor's house, disconnect the two PE lines from the cast part and then with a fitting, use the garden hose to pressurize the smaller/bottom line and see what water flow I get out the top/larger line. If little to no flow, you have a blockage somewhere and need to find and clear it. You should find out what jet you should be using for the new model pump too and replace the old one.

    You could rig teh garden hose up to the top/larger line and blow out the jet and bottom/smaller/pressure line in an attempt to clear a blockage. Come to think of it, I probably would do that first so as to not cause a blockage.

    If/when I got a good flow of water out the top/larger line, then I'd get more PE and put the suction line on the suction/top/larger insert fitting fully.

    If you're all froze up in Detroit, careful not to freeze up the hose or his or your outside faucets, so no goofing off and causing another problem. I'd plumb a shut off valve so I could control the garden hose at the cast piece too.
  6. SigGambler

    SigGambler New Member

    Metro Detroit
    From what I understand, the single well pipe that you see is actually 2 pipes, one inside the other and the adapter seperates them for the two pipes conected to the pump.
  7. masterpumpman

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    Virginia Beach, VA
    This is an odd hookup!
    By your photo a couple things come mind. It looks like by the color of the well head adapter (the two pipe to one big pipe adapter) you possibly replaced a Flint and Walling (old pump) with a Myers Pump (New Pump). In my recollection (for some reason I don't remember) the Myers Pump and a Flint and Walling Well Head Adapter connections may be reversed internally.
    I don't remember why but it seems as though we had to cross the two pipes and this was a problem because of the pipe sizes.

    I don't have an exact solution but you may have a suction leak on the 1-1/4" plastic line, a uncompatable pump to well head adapter or a plugged nozzle in the jet assembly in the 2" pipe.
    Jet pumps are simple when they work and sometimes complicated when they don't.

    I think as a last resort before you drill a new well I would try to remove the old well head adapter and jet assembly from inside the 2" pipe, Buy a Myers shallow well convertable jet assembly, mount it directly on the pump then connect the 1-1/4" suction on the jet assembly inlet to the 2" galvanized. pipe from the well. You will also need to install a 1-1/4" brass check valve between the pump inlet and the 2" well.

    Good Luck.
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