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  1. dadof5

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    last night water just quit coming out of shower went under house found blown fuse replaced it and it blew again took off well cap and noticed wires were fried that come out off well cap and go to the control box repaired wires replced fuses nothing but blew fuse again checked control box with ohmmeter seemed good was checking my pumptrol fsg2 pressure switch and it is closed with no power to it is this bad or is it the pump which is a submersible thats all i know trying to get in touch with former home owner also pressure gauge is pegged but not sure if it works HELP help help
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  2. An electrician can check the wiring leading to the pump to see if the pump has failed; sounds like the wiring leading to the pump wasn't protected which caused it to short out/burn up.
  3. Gary Slusser

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    You need a pump guy or well driller, or a plumber that is capable of pulling the pump, to check out the electrical components of the system. You may have a bad control box or pump motor windings or a shorted cable etc..

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    Not anything against electricians, but I would get a qualified pump person to check the wiring. This is what they do.

    The gauge is obviously stuck there. This is a normal thing with gauges and well water.

  5. duckmill

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    post a question?

    how do i post a question?
  6. duckmill

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    i really need help

    i have no water and dont know what to do?
  7. masterpumpman

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    Call a pump man!

    Burn't wires and blown fuses indicate a short somewhere. If you have an Amprobe and a Volt meter and know how to use them, we can walk you through some further DIY tests. If you don't have them I recommend that you contract a trusted/qualified/certified pump installer.
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