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  1. sjwass

    sjwass New Member

    Mar 15, 2007

    I have a few well questions in an effort to learn about my well before potential problems arise. The house is 100 years old and we have no idea about the age of the well. I know the appropriate location of the well but it is not marked, nor is there a well cap. According to notes in the basement, the well is 139†deep and the submersible pump is at 100†The pump is a Goulds ¾ 10EJ and the install date is 11/1979 – yes, that 1979.

    The hydro-pneumatic pump tank is made by Lancaster Pumps.

    All is well with the pressure (between 40 and 50 PSI) and water volume is also fine. The water was recently tested and is fine.

    Q1. Is there any maintance I should be doing?
    Q2. Could my pump really be 28 years old?

    Also, my plumber is coming next week to replace the supply lines because the galvanized pipes in the basement (where the water enters the basement) are quite corroded and the pressure gauge has a small leak.

    Q3. Are there any specific steps to draining the pressure tank and filling the tank? Do I need to pressurize it somehow?


  2. Boilerboys

    Boilerboys New Member

    Mar 16, 2007
    Facility Management
    Sandpiont well

    How do you know when you hit water?
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  4. sjwass

    sjwass New Member

    Mar 15, 2007
    Good question. Its scribbled on the pump control box in the basement. Accurate?????
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