Newbie looking for advice re booster pump installation

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  1. K. Patterson

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    Feb 16, 2014
    I am trying to select a pump for a rural application. Water is supplied by a water district but every time THEIR power goes out, no water will reach the pump. Someone recommended a Gould's 2HP booster pump that can produce 18gpm (18GBC20). Does anyone know if this pump has some kind of built-in shut-off valve / cut-off switch if there is no water reaching the pump? Or does it need to be installed with a separate switch? What is a typical life-span for this type of pump?
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    Mar 15, 2006
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    You can use a low pressure cut off switch on the incoming line, but they don’t work very well. Every time your pump starts it will pull the incoming pressure down and the pump will shut off. As soon as the pump shuts off the incoming pressure increases and the pump cuts back on. I have used a little pressure tank with the low pressure switch attached to it, which has a tiny little tube attaching both to the incoming line. Filling and draining the little tank through the tiny tube works like a time delay, giving the incoming pressure time to stabilize after the pump starts.

    The best thing is to have an air gap as in a storage tank to pump from. Let the city fill the storage tank when they are able to supply water, then you will have water stored for times when the city line is empty.

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