New well pump - In need of help soon

Discussion in 'Pumps and Tanks Well Forum & Blog' started by atelsth, Sep 7, 2004.

  1. atelsth

    atelsth New Member

    Sep 7, 2004
    Hi. I have an 86' deep well with a jet pump that has bit the dust. I am replacing it with a 1/2 hp submersable this weekend. (I have people coming to help which is why I need answers soon) I'll also be replacing the 42 gal std tank with a bladder tank.

    The pump & tank are in a wellhouse about 150' from the house so that's where the new tank will go also. I've read directions from a few pump manufacturers but I still have a few questions that I hoped someone could answer. Here goes.

    All directions say to tie the safety rope to the underside of the well seal. I've looked at my new well seal and the old one but I don't see what on underside of the well seal to tie the rope to.

    What kind of rope should I use?

    The directions say to leave slack in the elec cable for pipe (poly) stretch. Why leave slack in elec cable but not in the safty rope?

    Are there problems with coupling galvinized steel and brass?

    Should I use teflon tape or pipe dope?

    The ID of my casing is 6 1/4". will a 6" well seal work?

    Where is a good place to get 1 1/4" brass fittings that will sell to a lowly consumer?

    Thanks very much for your help.
  2. Deb

    Deb Plumber

    Sep 5, 2004

    I am a plumber and a damn good one and I would never consider setting my own pump...
    The Pipewench
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  4. atelsth

    atelsth New Member

    Sep 7, 2004
    Thanks for the reply Deb. Which particular aspect of installing the pump would make you shy away from it?
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