New Well....Dirty Water Help?

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    We dug a new well, 6 months ago....330 feet deep, cased all the way down. It is in red shale. We have been running the water since the well was dug. The water never completely cleared up, so we have been running it continuously for the last 10 days and the problem has gotten worse. If you fill a glass up with it, you can't see though it. The water is red and has a lot of sediment in it. We want to move into our house in a week or so, but need water. All our well man says is: "Let it run, it will clear up"
    We are desperate for suggestions.
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    This matter has been brought up before, sadly in most cases the end result is the same.
    You may have to take this route if the driller will not take care of you. (click here)

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