My curbless steam shower project

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    I had a shower recently where the Aquadefense bubbled like in some of the photos I saw on this thread. From what I'm reading, am I correct in believing this is caused by putting the AD on to thick? My shower didn't leak during the water test, but it sure didn't look right. It looked like it had blisters all over it. I would appreciate any insite you can offer
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    We stopped using Aqua Defence because of the bubbling issues. Switched out to a cementious membrane called Ardex 8+9. I'm pretty sure the bubbling is a result of the product drying to fast or the job site being to warm. I would not use the product unless your temperature was between 15-22 degrees celsius or 59-72 F.

    The video you posted shower king does not show the 7-28 day wait before using the liquid membrane over the new grading extensions. The video also shows cutting the membrane around the drain wrong.

    Watch out for the liquids! JW
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