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    Just found this sight, tons of great info. I am doing a bath remodel and was wondering if play sand is suitable for a mortar shower pan? I am doing a traditional (pre-slope, liner, top layer) pan. Thanks.... T
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    'Sharp' sand is better, but play sand will work. Ratio of about 5:1 sand:portland cement for the deckmud.

    You might want to also check

    Personally, I'd rather have a shower made with a surface membrane, but a conventional shower as you describe is also reliable (and probably less expensive) than a surface membrane, but it does have advantages - basically, it dries out MUCH faster, which may be a factor when used multiple times a day, or in an area with high humidity levels. You might also want to check out and look at their Kerdi shower system. This is one of several competing systems, but is the 'original'.
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    For the pre-slope anything will do just fine.

    Mapei makes a 4-1 ready mix. There is loads of mortar mix bags available as well.

    You should use a better quality product for the top layer.c Make sure it is no less than 1 1/4" but aim for about 2".

    Latecrete 3701 is a great quality mortar for the final top side layer.
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