Master Water Conditioning Corp Well Water FILTERING System

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    Master Water Conditioning Corp ,,,Well Water FILTERING System

    I just replaced my water heater and thought it would be besttt to also replace my Cheap
    Whole house water filter...
    It was replaced by a Whirlpool Whole house Filter from lowes for under $30
    Anyways the Filters would become Dirty and Cruddy after 15 - 30 mins
    Had my Local plumber come out to see whatssss going on with all that Dirt on the filter in
    a short time.....
    He took a test and said there are NO leaks with the Well
    Buttt I had Lotssss of Iron
    Only way to get Rid of all that dirt and not having to replace Filters anymore
    was to Upgrade to a $1650.00 Water Filter system.......
    The system weights around 160Lbs and has a Timer that will flush out the dirt
    once aweek within 30 mins that the timer will show.
    Its looks like a amazing water Tank (5ft high and 1 foot wide}
    As of now the Water looks very Clean but will still have to get a water Test in the next few days for bacteria.
    But over all I think this was a great investment

    Master water conditioning MBA-MM-10BY
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  2. JohnnyTuinals

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    Had Lots of Iron in my water and Crud ruining my Cheap filters every 15 mins yukkkk
    Did a Water test local and the Iron is 0.015 (very very so very low}
    And the Coliform is Absent on the test...
    The filter system was kinda expensive but welllll worth it...Now I can have drinking water,yeaaaa baby noooo more bottle water from the store.JT
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