Managing 2 buildings with one well/pump

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  1. nlk.public

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    Refer to the diagram attached. I would like to run water to an outbuilding. Their is a well pit that contains a well, one pipe to the main house, and one to an outbuilding. Currently, the line running to house is connected and the pump is controlled by a pressure tank and control valve located in the house. There is another line which is already plumbed from the well pit to an outbuilding. Obviously in the past, this was connected, but I think was disconnected when the new pump was put in.

    I would like to again run water to this outbuilding and wonder if I can just connect that outbuilding as shown in the diagram. The check valve is installed in the well.

    Any issues doing this?

    Thanks for any ideas or suggestions.
  2. valveman

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    As long as there is no above ground check valve, that will work fine.
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