Low water pressure after running well dry

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    Hello, I'm a new home owner and I really have no clue how to tackle this situation. The last time I had a plumbing issue I hired someone off of craigslist and they charged me a crazy amount so I'd like to try and tackle this myself.
    My well ran dry over about a week of my kids leaving the garden hose on. The valve wasn't completely open, but enough for a steady trickle until I caught it this weekend. Throughout the week I did notice rust colored water when I first turned the shower on in the morning, but it would clear up rather quickly so I didn't think much of it.

    Saturday morning we ran out of water. I turned the pump off (it's a 1/3 hp double drop jet pump) and waited overnight for the well to recover. Sunday we still had no water, I learned how to prime the pump and did so. It reached somewhere between 35 and 45 psi and shut off as it normally does. I had water for about 30 after that. The water was rusty so I tried to ran the tub to see if it would clear up. It did not, and we ran out again.

    I reprimed the pump but I can't get it over 25 psi.

    If my well still has not recovered, would that explain the low (20 psi) pressure?

    It's a shallow well, and it's been extremely dry in my area for almost 5 months.

    Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you in advance!
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    Chances are the jet in the eductor is plugged and you will need to pull it out of the well to clean it.
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