Low Flow Rain Showerheads

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  1. brian3b

    brian3b New Member

    Are there any low flow rain showerheads available? I've searched extensively online - all I can find is 2.5 gpm. I was looking for something less (2.0 - 2.2 perhaps?). Thanks!
  2. AlwaysInHotWater

    AlwaysInHotWater New Member

    2.5 gpm is low flow. Most people complain about low flow rain type shower heads as it is. Reducing the flow any more would be called a mist type shower.

    Back before low flow shower heads were available, I made a few flow restrictors using dimes. Drill a tiny hole through the center of the dime and install it between the shower head and the shower pipe. You can make it as restricted as you want depending on the size of the hole. Careful though, if you screw up, you're out a dime.
  3. CarlH

    CarlH New Member

    Northern VA
    You haven't looked in the right places. Speakman has some eco friendly shower heads.

    I have no experience with the Speakman shower heads, but I may try one out one of these days. They have some adjustment, but I do not know of they can be rain like.

    Waterpik has their "EcoFlow" series. http://www.waterpikecoflow.com/ I do have 2 of the three models that they have in hand, the 3 mode Ecoflow 1.5 and the 5 mode Ecoflow 2.0. Both work as advertised with respect to water flow, but the 2.0 disappointed in water consumption compared to two other shower heads that I have. It used the same amount or slightly more water as as the EcoFlow 2.0. That means that this waterpik NSC-623 used more water than this waterpik shower massage and the Interbath Rainmaker that I have. It seems that some 2.5 gpm shower heads have about the same flow rate as the 2.0 gpm shower heads.

    As for the 3 mode EcoFlow 1.5, it definitely has a reduced flow and it is noticeable compared to the other shower heads that I have. Due to the reduced flow it does have a rain like flow for the normal mode. I think the massage mode produces a bit to much splash which can end up outside of the shower unless you are fairly short.

    Oxygenics has some low flow shower heads, but I avoid any type of shower head that aerates because they can increase the hot water draw due to the cooling effect of the aeration and they put too much moisture into the air. i had something similar and it put too much moisture in the air and then I had mold problems. Besides they can be quite forceful, which is not rain like.

    When looking to see if there was any info on the Interbath shower head I came across a few Australian sites with information on low flow shower heads. You might have a few more choices if you were in Australia or ordered from an Australian company.

    If you want to check out the 3 mode EcoFlow 1.5, it should be available at Target and Ace Hardware.
  4. Scuba_Dave

    Scuba_Dave Extreme DIY Homeowner

    South of Boston, MA
    I no longer consider 2.5gpm as "low flow"
    These are fairly normal now

    Low flow should be under that number

    Delta 1.85 gpm for lower flow
    Then you can switch it to 2.5 gpm
    good ratings

    1.59 gpm - also good reviews
    This one shuts down to a low trickle when it hits about 95. Then you pull the cord & it goes back to normal spray. Great for warming up the water without waste
  5. CarlH

    CarlH New Member

    Northern VA
    Dave, Any experience with the ones you mentioned?

    The Evolve one looks like it might be pretty good, but I don't like the Delta/Alsons due aeration.

    The Evolve site has some commentary on the use of aeration.
  6. Gelo30

    Gelo30 Plumber

    I still ue 2.5gpm, ever since I've been using that.
  7. Redwood

    Redwood Master Plumber

    I have a Speakman s-2005 flowing 2 GPM.
    I love it!
  8. Scuba_Dave

    Scuba_Dave Extreme DIY Homeowner

    South of Boston, MA
    I haven't actually used any of them yet
    I'm going off reports from other people
    Very subjective as some people like the soft shower feel & other people like a shower with forceful water spray

    HD nor Lowes stock Lower flow shower heads
    So I'll check at my lumber store next time I'm there

    I take longer showers, so if I can shave 1/2 gal a min off my use that can equal 10g. :eek:

    We get charged on incoming water, then a sewer charge again on approx the same water going out :(
  9. EuroPlumber

    EuroPlumber In the Trades

    North America
    Lower than 2.5gpm rain heads

    Hansgrohe makes some lower flow rain heads that infuse the water with air so that it feels like more than it is actually putting out. I have one in my home and it works well, but is a little noisy from the air intake. It does seem to take longer to shower than with the 2.5gpm head I had before. Check out www.hansgrohe-usa.com
  10. jordan

    jordan New Member

    Handheld low flow and evolve shower head

    We have an evolve shower head we have been using (with the pull tab), and we have been quite pleased with it. If I didn't know it was 1.5 GPM (we tested the flow rate), I would have never guessed it. Our local Costco is currently stocking this shower head.

    Also, we are remodeling our other bathroom, and I would like a low flow handheld shower head. I see Hansgrohe makes an handheld aerating shower head, has anyone tried one of theirs? Does anyone know of any other brands? Can I mix and match manufacturers with the handheld type? I have a Kohler arm and hose, can I just screw in the head from Hansgrohe and expect it all to work?
  11. SewerRatz

    SewerRatz Illinois Licensed Plumber

    Chicago, IL
    I have a Grohe shower head that some how the water restrictor disintegrated. Thank god my shower valve has a volume control on it or I would come out bruised.
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