Lasco fiberglass tub question.

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    I replaced my fiberglass 1 piece tub/shower enclosure with a 2 piece fiberglass enclosure 2 months ago and it already has a crack.I would of used cast iron but the bathroom is 60" wide and it was tighter than a well diggers you know what.Anyways what causes them to crack?Is it things like shaving cream cans being dropped in the bottom or is it body weight.Is there anyway to repair it?Is there any way to prevent it from happening?
    Thanks Tommyboy
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    Either the tub is constructed from very thin material or it was not supported properly when it was installed. A professional fiberglass plumbing fixture repairer can fix it, but unless the cause is found and taken care of it will happen again. Dropping toothpaste is not going to damage it.
  3. jadnashua

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    The installation instructions on many of these say that bedding it into a mortar bed is optional, but as you've seen probably more like required. Fiberglass flexes. If it is supported 100% underneath, like when setting it in wet mortar, when that cures, the whole thing will feel much more substantial. That doesn't mean something sharp or heavy can't damage it, it means that it won't flex and get punctured or stress cracked.
  4. call lasco

    I would simply call the place you bought it from....

    the Lasco tubs we used to install always
    took care of troubles like this for free..!!!!!

    its not a big deal they have repair guys everywhere.

    as long as you dont wait a year or two...
    and let the sub floor get soaked you will be ok
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    I'd be willing to bet the problem is faulty installation. You must support these units with a mortar bed otherwise they will flex when stepped on and causes the cracks. There is no repair that I know of that would either work or be less expensive than replacement. This time, make sure it's installed over a mortar bed.
  6. I never supported any of them with concrete

    We put in hundreds of them years ago
    and all that was necessary wat to be sure
    it had contact with the floor .....through
    whatever means it took shims or 2x4s
    shimmed under the long support leg under the tub....

    And along the way I am pretty sure my dumb ass
    employees forgot to shim up a good number
    of them and they still held firm since 93

    if the fellow has a crack in the base ,
    he probably has a defective floor and they should have
    a repair man who will literally cut the whole bottom
    out of that tub and re-do the whole thing
    unless he dropped this himself and broke it during the install
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  7. jimbo

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    this from the lasco installation brochure: "
    c. The wood blocks attached underneath the bottom of the bath fixture units are for storing and shipping. These blocks need not touch the sub-floor.
    It is common in the industry to set foundation materials underneath the bottoms of tub and shower units with casting plaster/plaster of paris.​
    NOTE: Finished alcove must have interior dimensions, shown on product technical data sheet rough-in diagrams, to properly install unit."
  8. oh well,

    Well that is a new one on me...

    I have never ever seen that done much around here anyway...
    on a one piece fibergalss tub.....

    and never were told to do it by the people selling
    us the products either....

    I was always told that it was not necessary

    Now my curosity is now peaked and I will have
    to call the aquaglass and lasco people on Monday
    to heat it from the horses mouth
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