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    Kohler Cimarron, Made in Mexico

    I bought and installed a Kohler Cimarron toilet about a month ago. The spec sheet calls for the tank to be 3/4" off the wall with a 12 inch offset. My tank is about 2 1/4" offthe wall with the 12 inch offset. I guess we ill live with it. Walls are plumb so that is not an issue. Toilet flushs good but does not clean well at all. This seems to be a complaint of other buyers as well. As Karen H states in her comment, we now keep the toilet brush handy.
    Mon, 19 Dec 2005

    Video of the Kohler Class Five Flush

    Grading the best toilets, the ones that work!
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    I am on my third Kohler Cimarron Comfort Height toilet. We decided to replace an old American Standard that was in my son's bathroom and was clogging every week. My plumber recommended the Kohler Cimarron. The first one he put in was the round seat. 2 hrs after it was installed it clogged! My son was able to plunge it. We called the plumber who was shocked. The next day my husband tried the toilet, not only did it clog it flooded the bathroom! We were not able to un clog it.The next morning we saw that the flood had caused our kitchen ceiling to buckle! The plumber had to come and snake the toilet.We decided that we had a dud. The plumber could not replace it until the Kohler rep got back to him which took a week. Well we then got toilet # 2( same toilet).
    We decided not to fix the ceiling until we were sure that the toilet worked. Well it was good for a week and then yup another un-plungable clog! Plummer came back snaked again and this time we got an upgrade - the elongated bowl. Kohler decided that the whole batch at the plumbing supply store must have been bad. Still not fixing the ceiling yet. Well # 3 is going on a week and a half and tonight - yup you guessed it - clogs again! We were able to plunge it.
    I am at wits end - I don't know what to do. This toilet was sold as one I would never have to plunge.
    I am calling the plumber back tomorrow but I don't know what to do. Do I ask for a better model? If so which one? Have you ever heard of anything like this?

    Thanks for your time.
    Sun, 18 Dec 2005
    Susan H
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  3. bmfc1

    bmfc1 New Member

    Really bad product


    This toilet is a piece of crap! No pun intended! We bought this and ended up having it replaced 3 times! FInally said no more and put in a Toto.
    I will never ever buy anything Kohler again.
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  4. Ol Fart

    Ol Fart New Member


    ...piece of crap?
    I disagree.
    I installed one (elongated version) in Nov. in the bathroom my 2 teenage boys share. So far, no plugs... and my younger son is famous for plugging the toilet with miles & miles of toilet paper.
    I do agree that it doesn't rinse as well as others; but with it's flushing action, I guess that's the trade-off. the Cimarron's flush reminds me of an airplane toilet: Whoosh ! It's all gone in one "gulp". And it's ALL gone.
    I like it.
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    Believe what you read!

    This toilet does NOT clean the bowl when it flushes. We bought 2, and are taking them back.

    Kohler, take a hint! Redesign this thing to work better.
    George & Mary
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    We replaced an old toilet with a Kohler Cimarron. The Cimarron does not cleanse the bowl because the water flow is insufficient. Yes, we hold the handle down to get the “full†flush.

    Somebody somewhere has made a kit that will let the tank fill up so that there is enough water to cleanse the bowl. Do you make – or know where I can get – such a kit?

    In frustration.

    Bob in Amarillo
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    Just went 15 day's without a toilet after waiting for a new bathroom floor. When my new Cimmaron finally got installed lastnight, I was thrilled. It is amazing, the power in that flush, the style (mine has the round bowl). I didn't notice any problems with the bowl wash, but it has only been 30 hours since my brother in law installed it. I am impressed so far.
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    I installed this toilet in January 2006. It took me about two hours to install. I have not had an instance of it clogging up, but some of the comments were correct about it not cleansing the back portion, which really did not give me a problem. I noticed that with the tank lid off the valve would close before the entire tank was emptied, but so far has not been a problem with solid waste. If I feel it needs more water I just hold the handle down and count to three.

    So far I not needed my plunger and I am well pleased with it, it was worth the money. It came with a seat (the cheapies do not) and the wax ring. I am planning on buying another one and rest assured, it wil be a Kohler Cimmarron.

    Best regards

    Robert Newton
  9. Reader Review

    Reader Review Comments by readers

    Believe what you read!

    This toilet does NOT clean the bowl when it flushes. We bought 2, and are taking them back.

    Kohler, take a hint! Redesign this thing to work better.
    George & Mary
  10. JEP

    JEP New Member

    Ringwood, NJ
    I installed this toilet in my master bathroom a little over a year ago. I agree with the comments that it doesn't clean well when flushed. Other than that I have had no problems with it at all. It flushes great and never clogs.
  11. Reader Review

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    toto ultramax vs Kohler Cimarron

    Terry, Purchased both one month ago and installed at he same time. No sweat for either though the one piece Toto was quicker. After a couple years of plunging some old '93 model Kohler Wellworths something had to be done. Both work very well and we have had not even a suggestion of a plunger need. These toilets are deadly with solid waste, no "victory lap" around the bowl. You simply say "brown buddy you're going down" and that's that. Thanks for the helpful site. JH
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    purchased three (3) Cimarron Comfort Height toilets to replace the 1997 vintage Eljers that were constantly plugging and required several flushes even after removal of the 'water saver' in the tank. After some homework, I decided on the Cimarron or the Eljer Titan based on several websites and the Home Depot experts. I have installed the three Cimarrons and am very happy with the flush but the bowl wash function is very disappointing. I have talked with Kohler's technical people and they indicate that the poor bowl wash is inherent in their Class Five flush system. At this time there is not a fix but upon pushing a bit and asking about any bowl coatings, the technical help mentioned that waxing the bowl with an automotive paste wax might help keep the bowl clean for more than half a day.

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    Please let your customers know what a great bargain this commode is. We have suffered for the last 11 years with one of the first high efficiency 1.6 gal. toilets on the market. At the time, little was known about them. Our bathrooms were a nightmare and any time we could find someone else's receptacle for a serious dump, we did. The most heavy duty plunger only worked after many tries. The whole situation was a nightmare. Last month, after researching the availability in our area and the reviews of many a commode, (I feel like an expert now), we purchased one Kohler Cimarron, as a test. No mistake this time. The whole family is pleased, from the littlest to the biggest. Needless to say, we have replaced the second commode as well. If anyone has the nightmare we lived through, they will be tickled with the performance of this product. It took lest than 2 hours to remove and replace. Any do-it-yourselfer can tackle this job, even a woman.
    Complaints: Only sorry we didn't do it sooner,
    We used your reviews extensively in our search for the right product and thank you for your effort in maintaining your web page,
    One happy camper,
    Malia Boaz
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    yes we bought this toilet also and there isn't much water in the bowl
    part of which I can see it won't clean itself very good just like that
    someone said on the website here but Home Depot has a return policy of
    which one pays for the restocking of whatever you bring back so is this
    toilet going to cost us to much to return it? It is like we are
    between a rock and a hard place and I don't like that at all. I told
    the girl that waited on us it is hard to pick out a toilet and
    especially when the toilets are above your head..
    Linda in Tacoma, WA.
  15. achutch

    achutch New Member

    Reader Review

    I also installed a Kohler Cimarron back in August 2004. I liked the extra height, and the style. It also did a great job disposing of solids. But the rinse was terrible. I even tried the bowl cleaner with Teflon, but water can't rinse away what it doesn't touch.

    I have a HORRIBLE IRRITABLE bowel, so a toilet that flushes and rinses well is essential. After reading the messages on this site and Terry's Report on Low Flow Toilets, I replaced the Cimarron with a Toto Drake ADA Height model and have had no problems with rinsing or clogging.

  16. I can vouch for that statement, verbatim with the one that I own.
  17. Cass

    Cass Plumber

    You must have bought it B4 this thread. Or are you just a masochistic plumber. :)
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  18. Ms Pamela

    Ms Pamela New Member

    Comfort height - too high for kids?

    Oh my...you would think I was buying a new car. Replacing 10 yr old Kohler toilet. Husband thinks I'm too picky. Well, we have agreed on buying Kohler Cimarron due to it's sleek, simple curves and it will match our Kohler pedestal sink. Salesmen recommend Comfort Hgt - yet said it's for disabled people. We are ave. heights. Will be sitting too high? What about the toddler? Ok for kids? It will be in downstairs guest bathroom - the one that everyone will use and abuse. I hope it cleans well, despite readers comments. And should we buy the seat separately? Not sure what HDepot carries yet. Elger is the big one promoted in stores as C Reports rated it best.

    Anything has to be better than what we currently have, which clogs constantly. Always use gross wire snake to clean it as husband thinks reg. plungers don't work. So it's very scratched inside. I hope to get rid of the crappy toilet and the wire snake. Maybe the husband too. :eek:
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    Fri, 28 Apr 2006

    We have had our Kohler for less than a year. It works alright, not great. Big problem -- you can't use a plunger in it. So, what to do? Get rid of it and get a simple, cheap toilet. Have also had economiser. not the greatest, needless to say. All the hype sounds great, but in reality, these new toilets aren't worth their weight. Judy S
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    Wed, 7 Jun 2006

    Henry County, Virginia is raising its water rates and cutting monthly allowable usage. So we shopped for a replacement for one of our multi-gallon toilets. Settling on the Kohler Cimarron, we had it installed in just a couple of hours. Trouble didn?t wait very long however. The Cimarron plugged up on the third day of operation, adding $109 in repair expenses to the original purchase price of $*** from Lowe?s. Now I?m so sorry I let my old American Standard be picked up and hauled away. I?d pay to have it back! Better to have the higher bills than the shitty feeling you made a bad decision, and one you will have to live with for awhile.

    Better get yourself a six foot snake (the plumber said get the 8 foot if you can find it) if you?re buying the Cimarron. A strangely shaped bowl makes using a traditional plunger not possible.

    Doggone it on D-Day
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