Jet pump/PVC to steel leak.

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  1. caktus

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    My Jet pump is leaking at the top where it gets primed. The pump is mounted on top of a 40 gal. precharged tank and the lines between the tank and pump are PVC. Even using teflon tape I can't stop the leak. I screw the fitting into the top of the pump hand tight then tighten 1/8 turn further at wich point I can no longer turn it by hand in either direction. But when I cement to this fitting the PVC line that comes from the bottom of the tank, prime and turn on the pump this fitting screwed into the top of the pump again leaks.

    I took the problem to a clerk at the local hardware and was told to use pipe dope and was sold a tube of Pipe Thread Compound. After getting home and finding a magnifing glass and the instructions on the tube it said "DO NOT USE ON PVC".

    Can some advise me just what the real deal is. I'm kind of in the woods and my shallow (29') well is my only source of water. This leak is causing the pump to turn on for about 3 seconds every minute. And about once a day this leak causes the pump to loose prime and has to be reprimed. And frankly, I think I'm about to bug-out like a cockroach on Raid. :mad:
    Any help to fix this problem would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks. Have a great day.
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    Since you have to be using a different fitting every time and they all leak, the pump thread must be expanded or damaged in some way, especially if you can tighten the fitting almost the entire way by hand. Unless a greater amount of teflon tape tightens it up, you may have to locate an "O" ring that fits tightly over the PVC thread in order to create a gasketed seal.
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    I had a buddy of mine tighten a tad to much and put a very small and hard to see crack in the threads. Pull the plug out and use a good light and magnifying glass to inspect the threads. If it is cracked then you'll need a new impeller housing if they are available for your model seperatly.
  4. Spaceman Spiff

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    There is a thread sealant that does work for PVC and C-PVC. I have some at home, I don't remember the brand, but I think it is by Loctite. It actually cures from a soft paste to a firm packing after a while.
  5. caktus

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    Thanks all for your help.

    :) The O ring worked like a charm. Everyone have a great day:)
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