Jacuzzi Tub Access Panel - Building, Access and Sound Proofing

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    I'm installing a new Jacuzzi tub this summer and will be doing so in a Vancouver High Rise Condo. The owner does not want to bother their neighbors with any kind of Vibration or operation noise. I suggested using the Noble Company's NobleSeal SIS as a primary sound proofing approach.

    My thoughts are that the closet should also be soundproofed since the access panel projects a couple inches into this wall. I fear that the closet will act like a speaker box so I plan to use more of this NobleSeal SIS to box out the door and access panel.

    Here is some info on the Sound Proofing I'll use.

    Sound Reduction: NobleSeal SIS was tested by Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories in accordance with ASTM E 492-90 and ASTM E 90-90. Test construction included a sound rated ceiling, concrete substrate 6†x 6†quarry tile, and latex modified thin-set. Test results follow: IIC = 62, STC = 59 NobleSeal SIS also exceeded code requirements in field tests by acoustical laboratories with other construction configurations. Field tests conducted in compliance with ASTM E 1007.
    <ASTM E2179 ∆ IIC = 12 Applicable Standards: City of Los Angeles (RR# 25268) Protects Thin-Set Tile from Cracking: NobleSeal SIS was tested by the Tile Council of North America for system performance in accordance with ASTM C 627 (Robinson Test). NobleSeal SIS passed 14 cycles and was rated for “Extra Heavy Serviceâ€. Exceeds “High Performance†criteria for ANSI A118.12 (jig test).

    Because this access panel is on the back side there is no need for any fancy tile applications and I can just focus on building it with sound reduction in mind.

    One of the benefits of this approach is that I can prepare the floor heat and tile prep before the tub goes in and then use the NobleSeal SIS as both, waterproofing, crack isolation and sound reduction. No need for any other steps!!!

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    FWWIW: In the UK, shower booster pumps are v. common. Typically, they are set on the FFL. and often fixed over a sandwhich of:

    1. a rubber mat.
    2. a square of ply
    3. a rubber mat
    4. pre-drilled screwholes
    5. plugged with plastic plugs and a shot of silicone.
    6. the screws are set with rubber cups.

    This will eliminate all, or most, of the washing machine gone wild noise that pumps can generate.
    It's not necessary, of course, for Whirlpool's and similar.

    I do hope that no one minds me referring to UK practices, it's not to teach anyone to suck eggs, far from it - especially from me, but merely showing a perhaps different way of doing stuff.
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    North Vancouver, BC
    Thanks Tom. I frequent the UK forums on occasion and have learned a load on barrier free bathrooms and "Tanking". Takes a little time to translate some of the key terms but I'm impressed with many of your European systems. Now if we can get your integral PTraps cleared through the North American system we can really start building some slick showers!

    Thanks for the advice. I will design this access door to incorporate the Noble Seal SIS and perhaps some of those rubber mats. I might even use the Quiet Rock Drywall in lue of plywood for boxing in this section of the access panel.

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