Installing a wall hung toilet

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    What toilet do you recommend to replace a Case 3000 wall hung toilet? The Yorkville right height or the Glenwall.

    I seen on some other posts about the toilet rated in grams.

    What does this mean?
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  2. wal hung toilets

    It all means you had better have a plumber do it...

    I have never had anything but troubles when trying to replace
    a wall hung toilet with another brand....

    nothing ever lines up right and it usually becomes a total nightmare...

    If you cant get an exact match, it will most likely mean trouble.
  3. hj

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    No other toilet installs like a Case 3000. Therefore the carrier in the wall has to be converted to a four bolt style, and the upper "hanger bracket" must be removed. This involves a fair amount of wall reconstruction and some expense depending on the brand and type of carrier that is in the wall already.
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