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  1. Spiny Norman

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    Hi there - can anyone give me some advice on this please?

    We just bought a new oven. The sales guy said that we should look at the fuses at the breaker and make sure they are suitable for the oven. The Bosch brochure says 40 amps, our breaker is 50 amps so I thought we had to change. We called our regular electrician and he said we don't need to change it. I trust our regular guy so didn't change it. Am I doing the right thing?

  2. teamo

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    I trust our regular guy so didn't change it. Am I doing the right thing?

    So you trust him but you want to check his answer?

    The 50 amp breaker is sized to protect the circuit wiring. Most people would just stay with that but if it were me I would change it out to a 40 amp breaker because the 40 amp breaker is sized to protect the appliance and the manufacturer recommends it.
  3. jwelectric

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    A very big question comes to my mind when you say the manual states 40 amps.

    Does it say “maximum” or does it say “minimum or recommended”?

    If it says maximum then the breaker would be required to be replaced but if it says minimum or recommended then the 50 would be just fine.
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