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    I am currently using a submersible 1Hp pump but it stopped working this is the second pump looking at a jet pump or centrafugal pump here is what I have: 500ft of 1 1/2 inch PVC with an elevation rise of 50ft and I have 4 zones each are 175ft with 6 pop up sprinklers using 3gpm on 1 1/4 inch pvc what suggestions of a pump should I use to get away from the submersibles. Not sure how to figure the TDH and all to see what size I need, I am running 400ft of 12/3 wire. Please give me a suugestion.
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    Going from a submersible to a jet pump is like jumping from the frying pan into the fire. You will have lots more problems with a jet pump than a sub. Just need to figure out why you are having problems in the first place. How are you controlling the pump? Pressure tank and pressure switch? Pump start relay? Manually controlled? And what is the cause of failure of the subs?
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