I passed my C36 today!

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    And I have to thank you folks. I've used the search function many times looking up subject matter that I wanted to understand better during my studying. It's amazing the wealth of knoweldge here and the generosity in which it's shared.
    I've been doing drain cleaning and small repair for sometime now, but always felt a little demeaned by not having my license. I know I have a lot to learn now that I'll have my license.
    If you folks have any insight you wish to share (like what's my next step!) that would be great! I'm sure you've seen all the pitfalls.
    BTW, I've been following the "why I sold out" thread and have found it pretty insightful.

    Again, thanks to all!

  2. I got that thread all fired up!

    Congrats on your license >>>Here's some great advice

    Set your boundaries of implied thinking when it comes to feelgood situations. There's being nice and then there's being stupid.

    Always remember that the people who need your services at a reduced rate......are those who are least likely to voice it...and they certainly live like they don't have extra to spend. All the rest are wastes of time

    Dealing with people, learning how the game is played is more important to your pocket book than putting your business cards in everyones hands, flyers in the mail, stuff like that.

    Be personable, sell your product like it's better than everyone elses and market your time effectively when you're in the home. Houses always have plumbing problems.....from a leaking fauct to a slow drain, discolored pop-up assembly, sluggish toilet...missing floor drain cover, lack of a lint filter on the washing machine.

    Be constructive on how you introduce these "needs" to the customer and most times they'll jump at the chance to have that item FINALLY taken care off with end result of increased sales.

    Show the cause and effect of why you need this in your home and be legit about it, be tactful. Dishonesty will get your *** working at McDonalds. Walk in that door with the "I can fix that!" attitude and it blossoms from there.

    My book is coming out next spring!!! :eek::D:eek:
  3. cwhyu2

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    Cincinnati OH

    I hope you do well .
  4. construct30

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    NorthWest PA
    Rugged that is great advice. Great way to put it, I'll buy that book. You should start with grasshopper...

    I wish I would use that advice a little more often, I should put your post on a plaque and put it on the dash in my van.
  5. go out and plumb the world

    If you plan on starting a business
    the only thing I can give you for advice
    is to spend a few hundred dollars and make
    yourself up a nice looking business 4x6 STICKER
    .....NOT a card.... like 5--10,000 of them to start

    that you plaster in every home you step foot in..
    hit the water heaters, furnaces, garbage disposals
    breaker boxes .....anywhere with high visibility.
    Make it a nice pleaseing color that stands out
    in a good way like golden yellow with a black outline...

    find a nice-freindly logo and state everything you do on the sticker....and remember its gonna be your pernament telephone number for life..

    if you plan on staying in your area for at least
    10 years it will pay for itself probably in one month...

    hand them out like candy to real estate agents
    put them in their mail boxes in their offices...

    you will be surprised how fast they pay off...

    people will remember you if they see you on their heater
    and furnace every time they pull in their garage every night so make it nice looking...

    I am working through my 6 th run of 35 ,000 going back into the late 80s

    it almost gives me "half a woody" when a 2cent sticker I put on a heater back in 1982 calls me and wants to hand me another $800

    I did say almost..........
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  6. lol hahaaaa~~ !!!

    I've been doing that as well mark; put my stickers on both the expansion tanks and the heater, install small glued tags to the ball valve handles so they know.

    I try to do the garbage disposal but the new evolutions doesn't have a smooth surface to attach to. I've tried the pipe from the disposal to the end outlet waste but my sticker is too big. :(
  7. cwhyu2

    cwhyu2 Consultant

    Cincinnati OH

    Yiu guys are to rich.Did the sticker thing,still see them 10yrs later!:)
  8. Wolverine Brass

    I just bought an order of Wolverine brass sweat ball valves

    from our Wolverine salesman... The ball Valves are probably the best ones made at about $4.50 each.

    they had a special on where you get your name and number engraved on the handle for free....

    wow what a deal!!

    had to buy 100 of them..for free shipping...

    though I doubt they will really
    draw the attention like my yellow 4x6 stickers.

    its just another experiment in advertiseing.

    Its funny how many people will calll me about furnace work
    when they see my sticker on their furnace....and I refer them to one of my furnace buddies....

    the furnace is usually the only thing that does not
    ever get replaced in the house over a 25 year period.

    so someday ...from one of the numerous owners of the property

    I will usually get a call..

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  9. westcoastplumber

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    los angeles

    Wolverine is an excellent product, the basket strainers are the best on the market.

    You can tighten them really well and wolverine can laser your name and number onto the flange.
  10. "hand them out like candy"

    Did just that MPM......for the kids but they're attached to the parents. :)

    Christmas walk was tonight and got lucky being 1 of 2 businesses personally invited to be a part of the indoor evening event. Camel rides outside, carrolers, live nativity scene, 4 different singing groups with all different types of music and instruments.

    At the last minute I decided to put my company stickers on the bags, I think that really moved the name around tonight. Had my nieces and nephew pass out 500 bags of candy.


    Welcome to the forum west coast!

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  11. cwhyu2

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    Cincinnati OH
    Can You Share!!!!!:d
  12. kordts

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    Now you need to know your true cost of doing business. Don't charge the "going rate," because it is set by the bottom feeders. Get a good accountant and crunch your numbers. I didn't, and now I work for someone else. If I charged the right amount, I would probably still be on my own. Maybe my community would have supported me, but I didn't give them the chance, because I didn't charge enough.
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