I need Weil Mclain help in South Jersey

Discussion in 'Water Heater Forum, Tanks' started by charlie p, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. charlie p

    charlie p New Member

    New Jersey
    I have A company installing my boiler (WM ultra 80 gas) that was supposed to know it all ,and they dont have a clue.
    They swear they installed 5 of them,but i found out today they didn't know what the Outdoor temp reset was. That's when I got scared.
    They came in $500 higher then the other guy but I chose them because they said its a 2 day job (so did everyone else )
    but they had golden tounge's
    they were supposed to have me up and running last Saturday but I didn't want to chance it so I told them Monday.
    No go Monday but Tuesday they shut me off to do the switch. Well I still don't have Heat or hot water and they are proving to be pretty bad.
    I think its the wireing they did, Idont no??
    But its getting nowhere
    If they cant get it fixed by tomorrow at noon I want to bring a WM MOD CON specialist in
    Is there a chance I would be able to get one this late in the game?
    Any recomendations

    God I wish I dident give them such a big deposit.
    sorry about the spelling , but apperantly my spell check isn't working
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  2. Dana

    Dana In the trades

    Do a web-search to find the local W-M distributor, see if they can recommend a competent installer in your area. If you've already paid enough to cover the hardware, the original contractor may be willing to walk away from it, but you'd probably be on the hook to the new contractor on an hourly basis for completing or modifying the installation.

    At least the original installer didn't saddle you with some monster-sized boiler more likely to short-cycle itself into an early grave, which is a common hack-mistake. But the new installer will need to know at the very least the amount of radiation & plumbing lengths/diameters on each zone to fully vet the system design, and change as-necessary.
  3. charlie p

    charlie p New Member

    New Jersey
    I thought I posted this earlier,,,,
    I threw these guys off the job at 9;30
    Actually they didn't even get here at 930 so i put there tools on the front porch ,called and told them they were done here.
    Got hold of W/M and there was a guy here at 11 am
    They piped everything fine,but they got themselves in trouble with the wiring.
    Apparently they fried the control board and both thermostats
    The new guy will hopefully have me up and running today.

    It wasn't just swapping out the boiler it was converting to gas and moving the boiler from its present location $3000 with a deposit of $1500
    What ever is left over from the new guy will go to the other guy
    But then again he might end up owing me? We'll see. I think that's more then fair.

    he got back with another board
    Undid all the wiring that Plumber #1 did and is working at getting me hot water for now

    UPDATE AT 5;30
    I have hot water and Plumber #2 will be back Monday to get the heat zones up and running and some other small things that plumber #1 didn't do like put in the PH stuff
    I'm actually having him go over the whole setup
    And there's no doubt in my mind plumber Plumber #1, did NOT plan on doing a combustion test
  4. jadnashua

    jadnashua Retired Defense Industry Engineer xxx

    New England
    Sounds like you may have this sorted...it's really unfortunate that there are people out there that don't have a clue and want to take your money. Are heating contractors licensed in NJ? These guys seem to need a wakeup call.
  5. charlie p

    charlie p New Member

    New Jersey
    If I ran my work like that I would never get another job.
    I dont BS them
    i find out what they want and I ALWAYS give them my opinion(good ,bad,or ugly,I'll tell them the truth.
    Are heating contractors licensed in NJ? yes he is, as Plumber #2 pointed out,YES plumber # 1 is a master plumber(atleast thats what his card says)
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  6. jadnashua

    jadnashua Retired Defense Industry Engineer xxx

    New England
    Assuming you got a building permit to install, I'd have a chat with the inspector after you get the final install approved and let him know what happened.
  7. charlie p

    charlie p New Member

    New Jersey
    He called and said he left a note case here,
    I met with the guy today to give him his note case back
    when i get there ,I give him his note-case and he said there was $300 in it
    I look at him like he's nuts and tell him I didn't even open it, he said I'm not accusing you just yet. WTF is that
    Then he wanted me to pay him for the job
    I said ,I wanted a copy of the permit and you get paid when the job is done
    and I pay the other guy first
    He had a tizzy fit and and said he's putting a lien on me and hes going to sue me for defamation because he's positive I'm talking bad about him(Honestly, I dont want to embarass anyone) ,,,
    That got me kind of bent but,,,whatever,,I try not to let people get to me so I move on with life.
    I go home and start removing the old boiler ,I'm wheeling it down the driveway to the back of the garage and a cop pulls in.
    Plumber said he left a yellow pex crimp tool in the house or under the crawlspace and it wasn't in the tools I put on the porch . He also wanted the space heaters back .
    I went in the crawlspace and search everywhere,told the cop every tool that was here went on the front porch.Then I showed the cop my BLUE crimp tool because he dident no what it was.
    Cop was cool we BS for awhile so the space heaters cools off enough to put them in his car.
    I have no contract,No Permit,No receipt for the $1500(but I did give him a check so I'm covered there)And NO HEAT
    As of now it's not bothering me, i NO i HAVE A GOOD HEATING GUY cOMEING HERE MONDAY TO TIGHTEN EVERYTHING UP(sorry bout the caps)
    and I'll be able to sleep noing its done right) I'm also gonna get the building inspector over here to go over it ,
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