Hydronic to a pex system

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    I have a hot water hydronic system. The copper loop is hanging in my basement. Since i am refinishing my basement I want to clean up the piping.I want to convert to pex home runs back to the boiler. So I need a manifold. What kind? My first zone is kitchen, living, dining, office. My current system uses monoflow Tees. This splits the flow at the tee to ease distribution of flow. I was wondering how a manifold will do this. Do they evenly divert water from the pump? Or will one branch off the manifold take the majority of the flow?
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    The water will take the path of least resistance, so, in the manifold, there generally are valves for each branch to help you adjust the flow so each one effectively is equal and they all get even heat. If it is just an open manifold, unless each zone was identical (highly unlikely!) the overall heating would not be even. Keep in mind that the ID of pex is quite a bit smaller than the equivalent size of copper, so if you really need the same flow, you'd have to go to a bigger sized pex than the copper you are replacing. Now, breaking things up and using a manifold, each branch would need enough flow for that branch to be able to provide enough heat.
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