Hydro-pneumatic vs. captive air pressure tank

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  1. HardH2O

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    Sep 1, 2009
    We have a well with a 1250 gal. holding tank (buried). We have a 3/4 HP Craftsman shallow well pump with a 20 gal. (brand unknown) bladder tank. We are suspecting the bladder tank is starting to fail (short cycling the pump) and it is rusting on the stand. It is outdoors on a concrete pad (We live in Arizona). I acquired (almost free) a Wellmate UT-40 fiberglass tank with the AVC and micronizer. I would like to try to use this setup to replace the existing bladder tank. The question is: Am I asking for trouble? Is this a solid system to use or something that will fight us? I am willing to abandon the hydro-pneumatic for a good quality bladder tank. I want to go to a 40 gal pressure tank no matter what the solution. The installers here seem to not be familiar with the hydro-pneumatic setup and that has me worried. Any advice is appreciated. After the replacement of the tank, we are planning to build an enclosure to shade the equipment from the weather to improve the lifespan.


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    Mar 15, 2006
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    A micronizer is designed to add air to the water to take out certain smelly things. The AVC just lets out excess air. These things can be problematic if they are really not needed. A bladder tank only has one moving part, the bladder. If you prevent excess cycling of the pump, a bladder will last a long time.
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  4. HardH2O

    HardH2O New Member

    Sep 1, 2009
    So the voice of experience is go with the bladder tank solution. Thanks for the reply. Very helpful.
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