How to remove ledge from Hydro Swirl jetted tub Model 7248 without breaking it?

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    Mar 7, 2012

    I have a 20 or so year-old large jetted tub in my basement that I need to remove one of the top panels from to access the drain area. It was made by a company in Bellingham, WA called Hydro Swirl (which I think no longer exists) and the Model number is 7248. It has two steps leading up to it and is surrounded by a panel (if its called that) or horizontal ledge that you can sit on which is about 18" wide around the edge of the tub. The problem is that we discovered that when the house was remodeled and the tub was installed, the contractor dug a hole in the foundation for the plumbing but just left a pile of dirt next to it and never closed it with concrete. Now we have sewer rats finding direct access into our basement walls! I have cut through all the silicone to free the panel from the rest of the structure, but am afraid I might break something while trying to remove the panel. I do no have any owners or installation manual to see how the entire thing has been put together but think I can DIY on the removal and concrete pour. Any idea how I can find more information about this specific tub or advice about moving forward? I need to do this ASAP before any rats get into the house itself. Eek!

    Thank so much!
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